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Video of the arrest of influencer Angélica María Hernández for drug trafficking comes to light (VIDEO)

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Marka Bodine
  • Images of the detention of influencer Angélica María Hernández come to light.
  • She was charged with alleged drug trafficking and imprisoned for her legal process.
  • She participated in the reality show Desafío 2016 and had 2 million followers on Instagram.

Images of the influencer Angélica María Hernández, which show her arrest at an event and how she was detained by a policeman for alleged links with drug trafficking has come to light, according to the news sites Semana and El País.

As some may remember, the well-known woman was arrested in 2020 and at that time she was so famous that she had around 2 million followers on Instagram, but she went from success to jail, for being linked to drug trafficking.


Influencer Angélica María Hernández
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She participated in reality show Desafío 2016, achieved fame with that program and its publications, however, a revealing video recounted the other activities she had off-screen and on social networks, but that were closely linked under the water.

And it is that at the beginning of the investigations it was said that the lines of investigation led to the infuencer using the networks to promote and incite the consumption of drugs, through the sale of food products such as chocolates, gums and vapers, therefore was linked to drug trafficking.

Influencer Angélica María Hernández: RESEARCH

Drug traffic
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The woman is currently 35 years old, but the investigation folder for drug trafficking was opened in 2019, when she was 32 years old. And they link her to the criminal organization ‘Los Académicos’, she was arrested in the city of Medellín, in Colombia.

The case aroused all kinds of comments, since the influencer took advantage of her fame to supposedly benefit and the group for which she is related, so she immediately stopped having followers, but gained more public attention.

Influencer Angélica María Hernández: CAPTURE

The academics
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It was the authorities of the Attorney General’s Office, through a specialized prosecutor from the Quindío Section, who appeared before the Sixth Municipal Criminal Court with a guarantee control function of Armenia (Quindío) to six people linked to the crime of trafficking of drugs.

The controversial video shows the exact moment in which they arrest several people from the organization called ‘Los Académicos’ and another person who was not identified at the time, but who later became known to be the influencer. To see the video click here.


Influencer Angélica María Hernández
Photo Twitter

After the revelation of the video, it was learned that the prosecution had several crimes against the young woman, which at that time were: trafficking, manufacture or possession of drugs; illicit destination of real estate, and encouragement to illicit use; aggravated conspiracy to commit a crime, as well as manufacture, trafficking, carrying or possession of firearms, accessories, parts or ammunition.

All the detainees were linked to the process, however, one of them obtained a prison establishment, two were released, three with house arrest, she had to face the process in jail. To see the video click here. Filed Under: Influencer Angélica María Hernández


Drug traffic
Photo Twitter

It was agents from various sections who investigated the influencer’s social networks and discovered that she had around six accounts with which she took advantage of her position to promote her illicit products.

In the videos, the young woman consumed the products and tried to convince her followers to consume them, in addition to showing the prices, showing her warehouse full of what she sold and offering parcel delivery throughout the country. Filed Under: Influencer Angélica María Hernández

Influencer Angélica María Hernández: ANOTHER FAMOUS DETAINED

Photo Twitter

The role of influencers in social networks is very important, as they can be a positive or negative effect, so she is not the only one who has fallen in jail for misuse of their pages and the commission of a crime.

Recently the well-known youtuber YosStop, who was arrested at the end of June, the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City (FGJCDMX) published a statement and a photo, where the youtuber Yoselinne Hoffman is appreciated, after she was detained by the crime of child pornography, according to the El Universal Agency and the Radio Fórmula news portal.


Influencer Angélica María Hernández
Photo Twitter

In the statement, the capital’s prosecutor’s office reported that the influencer was located in the Narvarte neighborhood.
“Derived from field and cabinet work carried out by elements of the Investigation Police (PDI), it was possible to locate the woman in the Narvarte Poniente neighborhood, for which the social representative of the Sexual Crimes Investigation Office requested and obtained a search warrant to complete the court order, “the report reads.

For this reason, she was transferred to be medically certified and, later, admitted to the Santa Martha Acatitla Women’s Center for Social Reintegration. “After being notified of the arrest warrant against her and informed of her rights, the woman apprehended today was transferred to be medically certified and later admitted to the Santa Martha Acatitla Women’s Social Reintegration Center, to be made available to the control judge that required it ”. Filed Under: Influencer Angélica María Hernández


Drug traffic
Photo Twitter

“The FGJCDMX continues to strengthen and directs its action towards the achievement of a law enforcement agency that guarantees timely and effective access to justice for girls, boys and adolescents, thereby reiterating its priority to care for victims with a differential approach and specialized, ”the statement added.

Finally, the youtuber, accused of child pornography, is presumed to be “innocent and will be treated as such in all stages of the procedure, as long as her responsibility is not declared by means of a judgment issued by the jurisdictional body, in the terms indicated in the National Code of Criminal Procedures ”. Filed Under: Influencer Angélica María Hernández


Photo Twitter

Last March, the youtuber was denounced for the crime of child pornography and rape against the young Ainara “S”. This was made known on the girl’s Instagram account, who uploaded in her stories what she had done, as well as an image of the legal complaint that her team of lawyers presented against the influencer and against five other people: Nicolás B, Carlos R, Julián G, Axel A and Patricio A.

The events, narrated in the complaint, took place on May 25, 2018 when Ainara, who was 16 years old, went to Axel A’s home to participate in a party where alcoholic beverages were consumed. Under the influence of this, the young men abused the girl by inserting a bottle into her vagina. Filed Under: Influencer Angélica María Hernández


The academics
Photo Twitter

After that night, the young people shared on various social networks the video where they are seen performing this action. The accusation indicates that it had a great psychological and social impact on the affected girl since she was the victim of bullying and constant attacks, including a fight that was recorded and uploaded to the internet, which went viral.

Sources from the capital prosecutor’s office detailed to EL UNIVERSAL that an arrest warrant was carried out against the youtuber Yoseline Hoffman, better known as YosStop, for the crime of pornography to the detriment of a minor. The arrest was carried out by the Investigative Police in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office. Filed Under: Influencer Angélica María Hernández

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