Inicio » English » The accumulated fat! Chiquis Rivera appears moving her butt ‘like jelly’ while training hard (VIDEO)

The accumulated fat! Chiquis Rivera appears moving her butt ‘like jelly’ while training hard (VIDEO)

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  • Chiquis Rivera appears exercising in tight leggings
  • Jenni Rivera’s daughter dances and moves her rear from one side to the other
  • Followers say you better stop eating so much

The daughter of the late Jenni Rivera, Chiquis Rivera, surprised on social networks by publishing a video where she appeared moving her rear like jelly in tight leggings.

Go that Chiquis Rivera took exercise seriously to improve his life, and it is that, as many Internet users assure, the daughter of the band diva started going to the gym again after pictures of her leaked into bikini.

In these images, you could see the singer also in a red swimsuit, while you could see the rolls on her legs and abdomen, which caused thousands of ridicule about it.

Chiquis Rivera video rearguard

VIDEO: Instagram. @chiquisriveraoficial

After this, yesterday on social networks, Chiquis Rivera proudly wore tight leggings while exercising.

In the video, which was shared by @chiquisriveraoficial’s Instagram account, Jenni Rivera’s daughter could also be seen doing arduous training exercises, while showing off tight leggings around her body and a sweater of the same color.

Between the training that Chiquis Rivera made, you could see how her rear guard moved from one side to the other, while she wore it with pride in the video, and smiled from time to time at the camera.

VIDEO: Instagram. @chiquisriveraoficial

This video attracted various comments, in which users assured that after the photographs of her “real body” she put the gym and exercises harder: “They gave her in her pride for the photos they posted, it’s good that he’s exercising ”.

You can see the video of Chiquis Rivera moving her rear while exercising here.

On the other hand, Chiquis Rivera, posted another video now on his official Instagram account, where he not only performed exercises, but also appeared moving his rear guard while twerking.

In said video, which was shared just a few hours ago on her official Instagram, daughter Jenni Rivera appeared again with completely black leggings, and was taking classes in boxing with your personal instructor.

Jenni Rivera's daughter

VIDEO: Instagram. Chiquis Rivera

In the publication, which already has more than 31 thousand likes, Chiquis Rivera can be seen practicing boxing, while, in each position that she niece Lupillo Rivera had, she saw it as a great opportunity to crouch on the ground and start dancing for the camera, that caused her great rear guard to move from one side to the other.

In the background of the video, you could hear the song Boss it, Of the singer Erica Banks, and the euphoric screams of the singer.

Before this video, where Chiquis Rivera appeared presuming his rear guard while boxing, Jenni Rivera’s daughter wrote the following message:

Jenni Rivera's daughter

VIDEO: Instagram. Chiquis Rivera

“Boxing, Boss it challenge, I take my training very seriously, but there is always room to have fun. Throw it while throwing your hands away.

You can see the video of Chiquis Rivera dancing and proudly showing her rear here.

Before this video of Chiquis Rivera moving his rear from here to there, many users began to arrive, where they highlighted how good he looked in that video:

“Tremendous cabum Mamacita, you look great, and you have a body goddess “,” This is good my love “,” How delicious are you Chiquis “,” What a good thing, mommy “,” Uy, I want, you have nalgotas “.

A follower affirmed that Jenni Rivera’s daughter wore a panties that “lifts pomps”: “Very pretty, but that panties lift pomp, it shows a lot, as it squeezes her legs”.

VIDEO: Instagram. Chiquis Rivera

And of course the bad comments and criticisms could not be missing in his video:

“You look like Miss Piggy doing exercise”, “PIGGY HAHAHA”, “LOL, she can’t even get up, what a barbarian, better stop sucking and lose weight sooner”, “Pure butter hahahahaha”, “Then she will eat 20 tacos of meat, how is it going to go down ”.

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