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The 10 times that Maribel Guardia has ‘humiliated’ the 20 in bikini

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  • Heart attack! These are the photos of Maribel Guardia, who at 61 shows a dreamlike figure
  • The singer also became Miss Costa Rica in 1978, when she was only 19 years old
  • These are the 10 times that Maribel Guardia has ‘humiliated’ the 20 in bikini

Heart attack! These are the photos of Maribel Guardia in a bikini, who at 61 shows a dreamlike figure. The actress born in Costa Rica she shows off her great body in fitted dresses and sporty looks. But from time to time, he publishes a postcard when he visits the beach to the delight of his followers.

The singer also became Miss Costa Rica in 1978, when she was only 19 years old. Since that moment, she has captivated theater, film and television with her talent, but without a doubt her beauty is something that does not go unnoticed. These are the 10 times that Maribel Guardia has ‘humiliated’ the 20 in bikini.

The 10 times that Maribel Guardia has ‘humiliated’ the 20 in bikini

Photo: Instagram

Last April, the pandemic restrictions had already begun, but that did not prevent Maribel Guardia from publishing a red-hot photograph to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Cancun. “Congratulations #Cancun for your # 50th birthday for now # stay at home and very soon we will be able to enjoy your beautiful #beaches,” he wrote in his Instagram account.

In this photo, which looks like something out of a movie, Maribel enjoys the sea, while wearing a tiny red wine-colored bikini that reveals a well-groomed body and a well-defined abdomen.

Same at 61 as at 19

Photo: Twitter

Wow! One of the most recent photos Maribel posted in Bikini was one taken a few years ago. The singer took advantage of the fact that on Thursday Instagram is used to take out some old photos from the ‘trunk of memories’ and wrote: “#tbt❤ #tbt at 19 years old Uffff hahaha how many years ago ”.

The young woman sitting in profile was wearing a very suggestive blue bikini and her long, flowing black hair. It is incredible to see how the years go by and Maribel Guardia looks the same! Even her friends from the show business wrote to her to acknowledge it: “As always, beautiful inside and out, a friend,” Yuri wrote. “You are still just as beautiful and that body did not spend a year for you,” said Laura Bozzo. “What a beauty and you are still beautiful,” added Ana Bárbara.

Maribel Guardia, a true goddess

Photo: Instagram

A complete goddess. The singer posted this sexy image to celebrate with her 5 million followers on Instagram. In addition to the camera’s social network, Maribel Guardia has a Facebook page that is the Costa Rican account with the largest number of followers.

On this occasion, everything was transparent, only some small silver pieces covered her most intimate parts, her skin looked like porcelain and a huge crown with a lot of shine finished giving her the aura of a goddess.

Overcoming Covid-19

Photo: Twitter

What greater joy than having gotten rid of a disease as hard as the coronavirus, because, although it looks incredible, we must not forget that Maribel is 61 years old. So yeah, once he recovered, he celebrated. “Very happy that I tested negative for # covid-19, Thank God,” wrote the artist.

She wore a full black low model suit with pink, gray and gold details that only made her toned figure stand out. In addition, in the daring photograph in which Maribel gives a ‘victory jump’, she is very recovered and very happy.

Maribel Guardia in sensual black bikini

Photo: Instagram

Maribel Guardia traveled to the beach the first days of the year and ended her trip with this black bikini crossed at the waist and an exotic model on top with which all her sensuality stands out. “With this I say goodbye to the beach, and I thank #God for being alive, when they told me I had COVID I thought the worst, and it is that in truth at that moment you do not know what will happen to your life. Take good care of yourselves please. I am finally going to #costarica to see my mother, and although I am already negative, I will not kiss or hug her until she is vaccinated, please keep a healthy distance, and may God keep us in the palm of his hand everybody . I love you so much”

“What a beautiful body you have, mamasita Maribel”, “How beautiful”, “My hunger was removed @maribelguardia”, “The lady of my dreams”, “Eternally beautiful”, “You are the most beautiful that has seen cute love”, “How beautiful you are, you are a bonbon of a woman”, were some of the comments from her fans.

“A pretty mermaid”

Photo: Twitter

This time he did not settle for a photo, this time he left a short video in which you can be like the sea covers it with water and leaves it soaked. “La paz del Mar. Happy 2021,” wrote the beautiful Costa Rican who wore a striking yellow bikini with gold details.

“The body”, “A beautiful mermaid”, “Divine la tica lindaaaaaa”, “Beautiful my life”, “A true beauty of a woman, you are beauty made a woman”, “How beautiful”, some of her followers complimented her on Instagram.

6 million followers on Instagram

Photo: Instagram

And the family continues to grow. This time Maribel Guardia’s Instagram account reached 6 million followers (currently 400,000 thousand more people follow her) and what better way to pamper her community than with a photo in a black swimsuit with an exotic leaf print green and red flowers.

“We are already 6 million on Instagram !!! Thank you for being part of my family, I send you showers of kisses and blessings THANK YOU. I adore them ”, she wrote to accompany the beautiful photograph in which she is sensually wearing that very modern three-straps bikini and a hat that makes her look even more chic.

Like an angel on the beach

Photo: Instagram

Maribel Guardia usually transmits positive messages and this time was not the exception, he quoted: “In a drop of water are all the secrets of the seas” Khalil Gybran “blessings for all,” he wrote next to the photograph.

This time, she chose a pastel color that makes her look like an angel. The bottom of her bikini is, without a doubt, the most daring, as it is held by barely perceptible strips. What can be perceived is her slim and delicate figure, her abdomen of steel. 61 years, seriously?

Maribel Guardia starts 2021 in an exotic bikini

Photo: Instagram

“Starting 2021 with hope, with a bag of dreams to fulfill and with the best attitude to smile and give thanks for 365 opportunities to be happy. God bless us all. #look @solylunastoremx, “he wrote as a New Year’s message on his Instagram account.

She wears an exotic swimsuit armed with several black and gold ribbons that reveal her fiery figure and voluptuousness. “Gorgeous”, “Why are you so PERFECT? Quite a goddess. ”,“ Hello Mrs. Maribel, a dream to meet you in person. I have always admired you. Greetings ”,“ Mercy! ”, Commented her loyal fans, impressed by her beauty.

Gift voucher

Photo: Instagram

As we know that you also admire the beauty of Maribel Guardia, we decided to leave you this last image of her, that although she does not wear a sexy bikini, she wears those fitted sports outfits that fit her so well. Hey! and do not miss the powerful message he left in Instagram: “#Sunday Give thanks for everything you have, for everything you receive and what you are going to receive. God bless us”

Yes or no? At 61, Maribel Guardia looks better than many and not to mention how those tiny bikinis look on her.

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