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Mhoni Vidente says that Thalía is cursed and gives chilling details

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Thalía is cursed (PHOTO: Archivo MundoNOW Mezcalent)
  • Mhoni Vidente says that Thalía is cursed
  • Thalía and Tommy Mottola: Persistent rumors
  • Is it being ‘worked’?

Mhoni Vidente, known for her shocking predictions, revealed on the El Heraldo de México YouTube program that Thalía suffers from witchcraft.

The Cuban psychic caused great controversy among the singer’s followers.

Mhoni made these statements during her celebrity predictions session, where she addressed the life of the renowned Mexican performer.

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The relationship between Thalía and her husband, Tommy Mottola, has been the subject of speculation and rumors for years.

Despite the ups and downs, the couple has maintained their union, although Mhoni Vidente hinted that his presence in Thalía’s life could be harmful.

«The worst illness Thalía could have had is called Tommy,» the psychic stated, suggesting that her relationship with her husband could be negatively affecting her health.

Since her marriage in 2000, Thalía has faced several personal challenges, including the loss of her mother and health problems such as anemia.

Revelations of Mhoni Vidente

Thalía diagnosed with dysgeusia, Singer, Celebrities, Health, Illness, Condition, Celebrities, Mhoni Vidente says that Thalía is haunted
Mhoni Vidente says that Thalía is haunted / PHOTO: Getty Images

Mhoni Vidente hinted that these events could be related to Mottola’s influence on Thalía’s life.

«Poor Thalía, she has a disease that makes everything taste salty, that makes her feel as if she were eating pennies,» the famous woman confessed in the YouTube program.

She also suggested: «Let her purge herself, because she must have something stuck (witchcraft),» said the psychic.

Mhoni ended up suggesting that the singer should look for solutions to free herself from the alleged witchcraft that afflicts her.

Thalía is cursed: Divorce?

controversy, health, rumors, YouTube, El Heraldo de México
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Also, Mhoni recalled other traumatic moments that the singer has experienced while she has been married to Mottola: «Her mother died.»

«Tommy is no longer the same as he was at Sony, everyone sleeps in their own bed, Thalía already had a lot of money, she didn’t need him,» she highlighted.

Mhoni Vidente’s statements have generated mixed reactions among Thalía’s followers.

Some of them expressing concern for the singer’s health, while others question the veracity of the psychic’s claims.

The Mexican singer does not have the same fame

celebrities, marriage, separation, anemia, illness
PHOTO: Mezcalent

So far, neither Thalía nor her team have responded publicly to Mhoni Vidente’s statements, leaving the question open and  uncertainty about the real situation of the singer.

Thalía’s career has been marked by successes in the entertainment industry.

And this goes from her beginning in soap operas to her consecration as one of the most recognized artists in the musical field.

However, her personal life has been surrounded by speculation and rumors, fueled in part by figures like Mhoni Vidente.

Disturbing predictions given by the psychic

speculation, influence, impact, followers, MundoNOW
Mhoni Vidente says that Thalía is haunted / PHOTO: Getty Images

Mhoni, for her part, has not hesitated to make predictions about his future and well-being, highlighting on several occasions in this talk that Mottola could be her ‘curse’.

As the debate around Mhoni Vidente’s statements continues, Thalía’s followers are waiting for any official statement.

This, in the hope of clarifying the situation and put an end to speculation about his health and personal life that has attracted considerable attention.

It should be noted that, as the years progress, Thalía has not had the same success in the music she has released. (TO SEE MHONI’S VIDEO CLICK HERE).

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