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Thalía dresses in mourning, but is criticized on social media

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Thalía and Iris Apfel, Singer, Pain, MundoNow, News
Thalía dresses in mourning (PHOTO: Shutterstock/Mezcalent)
  • Thalía and Iris Apfel.
  • Video generates controversy.
  • Social media are divided.

The renowned actress and singer Thalía has once again been the focus of attention on social media, but this time not for her artistic talent, but for the publication she shared on her official Instagram account.

In an unexpected twist, the Marimar star revealed her deep sadness over the loss of one of America’s most influential women, iconic fashion and interior designer Iris Apfel.

It was in an emotional video that accompanied her message, Thalía showed endearing moments that she shared with the late magnate, who died last Friday, March 1 at the venerable age of 102.

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The connection between Thalía and Apfel is palpable in the images, where both appear holding hands, revealing a complicity that transcends the screen.

The clip captures a special moment: Thalía helping the designer blow out the candles on her birthday cake.

However, this affectionate and close gesture has baffled many followers, generating a wave of mixed reactions on social media.

Despite Thalía’s apparent intention to pay tribute to the memory of Iris Apfel, the public’s response was not what was expected.

Thalía and Iris Apfel

Thalía mourning Iris Apfel, singer, death, networks, MundoNOW
Thalía dresses in mourning for the death of Iris Apfel PHOTO: Mezcalent

Many users were quick to criticize the publication, questioning the authenticity of the connection between the two women and suggesting that the Quinceañera actress was capitalizing on the tragedy to gain attention on social media.

«This great icon and legend of styling and determination is ahead of us,» was how the singer began her publication.

«She faithfully believed in herself, her vision and how to share it in an intelligent and simple way to the entire world,» the post reads.

«A great pillar in the perfect example of how to build oneself as a brand,» Thalía continued on her Instagram account.

Remember Iris Apfel

Thalía, Iris Apfel, mourning, celebrities, MundoNOW
Thalía dresses in mourning for the death of Iris Apfel PHOTO: Instagram capture

Controversy broke out around the nature of the relationship between Thalía and Apfel, as some viewers interpreted the video as if the designer were the singer’s ‘grandmother’.

These speculations were fueled by the statement of Laura Zapata’s sister, who stated on her own social media that Thalía and Apfel had an «immediate connection.»

«Our connection was instantaneous. She was one of the figures that I have admired the most because of her brain and her heart, which kept them sharp until the last day of her life,» she wrote.

«Thank you for all your magic and for teaching us that the intellect and the heart can work hand in hand to create a fantastic life,» the post says.

“Hypocrisy at its peak”

Thalía, mourning, Iris Apfel, criticism, MundoNOW
Thalía dresses in mourning for the death of Iris Apfel PHOTO: Instagram capture

While some followers praised Thalía’s show of affection and respect towards the late designer. Others expressed their skepticism and accused the artist of taking advantage of the situation to gain notoriety.

The controversy intensified further when some users pointed out that Thalía’s post seemed more like an attempt to capitalize on Apfel’s death than a genuine tribute.

“Hypocrisy in its maximum splendor”, “And nothing to your grandmother”, said some users in their post instagram.

“She has the burden of conscience that she did not support her grandmother when she needed it most, poor woman. Karma is karma,” said another Internet user.

They criticize Thalia

Singer, actress, Mexican, celebrities, MundoNOW
Thalía dresses in mourning for the death of Iris Apfel PHOTO: Instagram capture

It is worth mentioning that the star of Marimar is now at the center of controversy, facing criticism and praise on his social media.

“Why so much drama did her grandmother abandon her? She was left in a place where she was mistreated and she never went to get justice,” was another comment.

«And your grandmother didn’t even go to the funeral, oh, what poor people,» «but I never saw you say or be like that with your granny», the messages continued.

«She didn’t even see his grandmother, in short, the hypocrisy,» left a user on the social media. CLICK TO SEE THE POST.

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