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Jealous? Thalí García reacts to Lupillo and Ariadna’s alleged romance on ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

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Thalí García reacts to romance on LCDLF (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Thalí García reacts to Lupillo’s romance.
  • A love triangle on La Casa de los Famosos.
  • Is it all manipulated by production?

A love triangle has emerged on Telemundo’s La Casa de los Famosos starring Lupillo Rivera, Ariadna Gutiérrez and Rodrigo Romeh

Lupillo and Romeh have both shown interest in the model, sparking an uproar among the show’s loyal viewers.

Now the controversy grows as Thalí García, who left the show earlier in the season, has reacted to the alleged romance.

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Thalí García reacts to the LCDLF romance

Actress, Television, Controversy, Statements, Thalí García Lupillo romance
Photo: Mezcalo

In an Instagram live, Thalí García expressed her discontent and clarified aspects of her surprising departure from the competition in February.

Initially, she said she left the show for family reasons, but later made serious accusations about what happened with Lupillo Rivera.

Telemundo is investigating Thalí’s allegations, as she faces a lawsuit for breach of contract.

She also said that Lupillo and Ariadna’s romance is a production manipulation, similar to what she experienced on the show.

What did the former reality show contestant say?

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Photo: Mezcalo

Thalí stated that she is not jealous of Gutiérrez and thinks that Telemundo is pushing Lupillo, something that she also experienced on the show.

She revealed that when she left La Casa de los Famosos and was taken to a hotel, they assured her that «Nothing was a lie, Lupe really loves you, Lupe is in love with you.»

«‘He entered the confessional crying saying that you were the most spectacular person he had ever met in his entire life,'» Thalí said they told her.

«Do you think that at this point in the game that I believe you? In fact I reacted quickly, every day they saw me at the gala I was pretending to believe them,» she added.

Is Thali jealous of Lupillo’s new romance?

Artist, Singer, Celebrities, Shock, Controversy
Thalí reacts to LCDLF romance / Photo: Mezcalo

Thalí reacts to romance rumors circulating on social media about Lupillo and Ariadna.

«I see him in the same way singing the same song to Ari that he sang to me and that’s when I would like to get involved and get those people that I love and respect out of there,» she said.

“The same thing they were doing to me, they are doing to Ari. «I am not Ari’s enemy, nor am I jealous,» Thalí said.

«Lupe himself, I assure you, he does not know where they are taking the narrative,» said the former La Casa de los Famosos contestant.

Reactions on social media

Thalí García reacts, la casa de los famosos, lupillo, ariadna, romance
Photo: Meznivel

Although she cannot guarantee what he says is true, Thalí García maintains that Lupillo is a good person and that production is manipulating things.

Of course, social media reactions to her statements were immediate.

«You are not alone.» «You were always right, you deserve forgiveness from the public» «This is all a production show.» «Telemundo is a fraud!»

It is worth mentioning that Lupillo Rivera declared his love for Ariadna.

Controversy on La Casa de los Famosos 4

Thalí García reacts, la casa de los famosos, lupillo, ariadna, romance
Photo: Screenshot IG Thalí García

Ariadna said that she would be willing to see what happens with the regional Mexican singer once they are both out of the house.

As this story unfolds on the show, the focus is on how the conflicts will be resolved.

Meanwhile the drama continues on the popular reality show.

The situation on La Casa de los Famosos becomes more complex with these revelations and the ongoing investigation by Telemundo. See the video where Thalí reacts to the romance HERE.

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