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Texas: Sebastián Vásquez-Carpio goes for a walk and is found dead

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Foto: Departamento de Policía de San Antonio.
  • Mysterious death: Sebastián Eduardo Vásquez-Carpio, 17, was found dead inside a car that was on fire in a semi-rural area southwest of San Antonio, Texas.
  • The boy had disappeared days before and the official cause of his death is until now a mystery.
  • ‘Sebas’, as the young man was known, had a bright future as a basketball player and student.

Sebastián Eduardo Vásquez-Carpio was found dead inside a car that caught fire in San Antonio, Texas.

The death of Vásquez-Carpio, 17, is a mystery to him San Antonio Police Department (SAPD, for its acronym in English) as the boy’s family had reported him missing.

Until the moment of writing this story, according to the legal documents of the case consulted by MundoHispánico, it is only known that Vásquez-Carpio died but the authorities still do not know how.

Last Saturday, September 19, 2020, the SAPD issued an alert signal that asked the community to help find Sebastián Eduardo Vásquez-Carpio and who was missing since the previous Friday.

Authorities had reported that the boy left his home the day before and never returned.

A seemingly unrelated incident turned the investigation from a disappearance to a probable murder.

On Sunday, September 20 at 9:00 a.m., a person reported that in front of 6600 Calle Duarte, in western Bexar County, a car was on fire.

The area where the car engulfed in flames was reported is a remote semi-rural area southwest of the San Antonio metropolitan area surrounded by ranches and farms.

The firefighters arrived at the scene to put out the fire and it was when they discovered that inside, hugging themselves by the flames, was the body of a person.

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Sebastián Eduardo Vásquez-Carpio, 17, was last seen riding his bicycle and was found dead two days later in a car on fire. (Photos: San Antonio Police Department) Filed as Sebastián Vásquez Carpio Texas Hispanic Dead

When agents discovered the burned car they investigated the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and are still investigating who the car is registered to.

The firefighters then called the SAPD and the agents of the Homicide Division of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) to investigate who could be the dead person in the car.

To avoid speculation, the SAPD and the BCSO did not reveal, until the autopsy was done, if the burned body belonged to Vásquez-Carpio.

According to a statement from the forensic authorities of the Bexar County the car was completely burned although no mechanical or electrical reason was detected as the cause of the fire.

Vásquez-Carpio is remembered as a wonderful student, basketball player, and great teammate. Filed as Sebastián Vásquez Carpio Texas Hispanic Dead

After the autopsy, the SAPD agents confirmed through a statement on Wednesday, September 23, that the remains found in the burned car were those of the teenager Sebastián Eduardo Vásquez-Carpio.

Vásquez-Carpio, whom his friends knew as ‘Sebas’, was a senior in high school IDEA Monterrey Park.

Investigators discovered that the boy was last seen by acquaintances riding his bicycle in front of 5500 Burgate Farm in the neighborhood known as Loma Terrace in northwest San Antonio.

According to authorities, the boy’s bicycle was found outside a friend’s house and had blood on the tires. Now authorities are investigating whether the blood was the boy’s.

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Some volunteers who went looking for the boy when his disappearance was reported reported to the SAPD that they found Vásquez-Carpio’s cell phone lying in the area.

So far the agents of the Division of Missing Persons of the SAPD, who kept the boy’s phone, have not reported if the device has any clue that allows clarifying what happened to the boy.

Officially, at least until now, the SAPD has not declared that Vásquez-Carpio has been assassinated. His official cause of death is still pending confirmation when the forensic reports are completed.

The death of Vásquez-Carpio shocked the Hispanic community of San Antonio and those who knew him mourn his death because he had a bright future.

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The grief over the death of Vásquez-Carpio was such that even the IDEA Monterrey Park issued a statement to mourn the death of the boy who had completed his four years of high school at that school.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the Vásquez-Carpio family. Sebastián’s teachers remember him as a wonderful student and a great teammate on the basketball team, loved by his family, teachers and friends… his classmates, teachers and the entire IDEA Monterrey Park community will miss him very much ”, he details the notice.

Volunteers who went out to tour the area where the boy disappeared also found a gold chain that belonged to the young man and that was lying in a park in the same neighborhood in west San Antonio.

Ana María Carpio, Vásquez-Carpio’s mother, has been collaborating with the authorities since she reported the disappearance of her son. The authorities are also investigating the boy’s student environment to see if there are other classmates of the young man involved in his death.

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