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A Texas judge sides with migrant shelter against Republican attorney general

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Court ruling for migrant shelter in Texas (Photo: Shutterstock/The Associated Press)
  • Judge protects migrant shelter.
  • Texas AG Ken Paxton tried to shut it down.
  • Legal victory protects migrant rights.

On Monday, March 11, a Texas judge issued a ruling that will benefit hundreds of migrants at the border.

It’s a historic decision in support of Annunciation House, which is a large migrant shelter on the Mexican border.

Judge Francisco X. Domínguez’s decision in El Paso represents significant support for the shelter’s work.

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Judge protects migrant shelter on Texas border

Court ruling for migrant shelter in Texas, migrant, shelter, Texas, Border with Mexico
PHOTO: Shutterstock

The Annunciation House shelter was facing pressure from Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton to disclose its internal records.

This attempt by Paxton to close the facility, arguing that it encourages migrants to illegally enter the United States, has been rejected by the court.

This comes after Judge Domínguez accused Attorney General Paxton of wanting to run «roughshod» over the shelter without respecting due process.

The court order issued by Domínguez prevents Annunciation House from immediately handing over the documents requested by Paxton’s office.

How the controversy began

migrant, challenges, state, Mexican Border, Annunciation House
FOTO: Shutterstock

Ken Paxton has not yet commented on the ruling that favors the shelter.

This legal victory represents a relief for the shelter and supporting organizations, which have denounced Paxton’s political persecution.

The controversy began last month when state officials demanded immediate access to Annunciation House records.

This included medical documents and immigration information of migrants who have received services at the shelter since 2022.

The shelter requested time to provide the records

Judicial ruling, undocumented immigrants, complications, the latest, United States
FOTO: Shutterstock

Although the shelter expressed willingness to cooperate, it requested time to determine which information it could legally share without violating the constitutional rights of its clients.

Rubén García, the executive director of Annunciation House, pointed out that the lawsuit has had a negative impact on their daily operations.

Despite the shelter’s continued operation, García has highlighted concerns among volunteers, many of whom have ceased their work out of fear of being involved in the legal process.

According to García, this situation could deter future volunteers from offering their help.

The migrant shelter expresses concern

Ken Paxton, Francisco X Domínguez, Annunciation House, United States, MundoNOW
FOTO: Shutterstock

«We depend a lot of volunteers and we’ve had volunteers leave because they’ve been concerned that they could somehow get caught up in this legal process,» stated Garcia.

«I’m sure it’s going to make other people who might consider volunteering think twice about wanting to volunteer,» he added, according to ‘The Associated Press.

For decades, Annunciation House has been one of Texas’ main border shelters for migrants, providing vital support to those who arrive in the United States in search of a better future.

However, their altruistic work has been criticized by some sectors, accusing the shelter of encouraging illegal immigration.

Support for Annunciation House

migrant, shelter, Texas, Mexican Border, Annunciation House
FOTO: The Associated Press

This judicial ruling represents a significant milestone in defending the rights of migrants and the organizations that support them.

Judge Domínguez’s decision to protect Annunciation House from the persecution of Attorney General Paxton sends a clear message about the importance of respecting due process.

In addition to emphasizing what the judge himself referred to as «playing by the rules,» even in the context of immigration.

Annunciation House and other similar organizations face constant challenges in their humanitarian work, but their dedication to helping those most in need remains unwavering.

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