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Texas governor threatens to declare a migrant «invasion»

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  • Texas governor. Greg Abbott threatens to declare a migrant “invasion”.
  • There is a considerable increase in the number of immigrants crossing the border into Texas.
  • Abbott seeks to reinforce the dividing line between Mexico and the United States

Texas Governor Greg Abbott threatens to declare an “invasion” as the number of migrants entering the country increases, according to El Imparcial and the El Universal agency.

The New York Times reports that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is weighing whether to invoke actual war powers to seize much broader state authority on the border and reinforce the dividing line between Mexico and the United States.


Migrant invasion Texas
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The outlet indicates that Abbott could do it, advocates inside and outside his administration argue, by officially declaring an “invasion”. to comply with a clause in the US Constitution that says states cannot engage in war except when they «are invaded.»

According to The New York Times, “Top lawyers for Mr. Abbott and for the Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton, met this month to debate the move, which would put the state in a head-on collision with the federal government by allowing state police to arrest and deport migrants, according to two people familiar with the discussions. Mr. Abbott says he remains open to the approach, but he has expressed concern about unintended consequences,” they said of declaring a migrant «invasion».


Governor Gregg Abbott strengthens border
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The governor has already mobilized thousands of National Guard troops to guard border posts and ordered security inspections of trucks coming from Mexico, disrupting international trade.

In addition, he oversaw the construction of 20 miles of new border fencing, repurposed certain state prisons to hold immigrants accused of trespassing, poured money into border cities for law enforcement, and paid for buses to take immigrants from Texas to Washington, DC. Filed Under: Migrant Invasion Texas


Migrant invasion Texas
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Just in the first week of April, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced new measures to be implemented at the US-Mexico border and promised more to come, as former Trump administration officials pressure him to declare an «invasion» and give state police officers and members of the National Guard the authority to expel migrants.

The Republican governor has not said whether he supports that concept, which constitutional experts say is legally dubious —in fact, almost unprecedented — and would almost certainly face legal challenges. But for now, Abbott said state troopers would start stopping and searching commercial vehicles crossing the border, which he acknowledged will «dramatically» slow down traffic near ports of entry. He also announced that charter buses would be offered to take migrants to Washington, DC, in a jab at President Joe Biden and Congress, whom Abbott has criticized for not taking enough action.


Governor Gregg Abbott strengthens border
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Abbott said the inspections could take place on Texas highways and that they comply with the law. “But of course someone always files a lawsuit,” he noted. Texas authorities said they would initiate «increased military activity» along the border and install barbed wire at some low points in the river to deter migrants from crossing.

The new guidelines are part of «unprecedented steps» Abbott promised in response to the Biden administration’s withdrawal of a public health ordinance, set to expire in May, that has limited the number of asylum seekers to prevent the spread of Covid-19. When that happens, more migrants are expected to flock to the country’s southern border.

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