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Governor Greg Abbott declares migrant invasion in Texas

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  • Greg Abbott declares official immigration invasion
  • Construction of floating wall in Río Bravo
  • Drastic measures in the face of migration crisis

It was through a publication on social networks that the governor of the state of Texas, Greg Abbott, had officially declared an invasion of migrants.

The Republican sent a letter to the current president of the United States, Joe Biden, in which he communicated the situation with the border.

Abbott is the same governor who made the decision to put a floating wall of buoys in the Rio Grande, where it borders Mexico.

However, a judge reportedly issued an order that said wall be immediately removed from the river.

Is there an Immigration Invasion?

immigration policy, Joe Biden, floating wall, Río Bravo, measures
Migrant invasion declared in Texas PHOTO Shutterstock

«It was on Wednesday, September 20, that the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, decided to share his concerns on social media.

The Republican announced that he was officially declaring an invasion at his border with the neighboring country of Mexico.

Abbott shared the letter he sent to Joe Biden addressing the issue of migrants crossing the border.

He emphasized that the situation Texas is facing results from the failed immigration policies of the U.S. government.»

Texas Governor’s Actions

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Migrant invasion declared in Texas PHOTO Getty Images

«In response to the surge in migrants arriving in Texas, Governor Abbott highlighted the measures that have been implemented.

He reported via X, formerly known as Twitter, about the deployment of the Texas National Guard, DPS, and local law enforcement.

In the same post, Abbott detailed additional steps his administration is taking to curb the influx of migrants.

«We are constructing a border wall, setting up barbed wire, and establishing sea barriers,» the Republican governor shared on social media.»

arrival of migrants

human traffickers, Letter to Biden, United States, DPS, drug cartels
PHOTO: Getty Images – MundoNOW Archive

«Yet, these are not the sole measures that the Republican governor of Texas has suggested will be implemented.

The letter to President Joe Biden, penned in 2022, serves as a reminder of the president’s past statements.

In light of the influx of migrants across the Texas-Mexico border, Abbott reiterated his reservations.

«We are also repelling immigrants to safeguard our territory from the incursion of Mexican drug cartels,» he stated in the letter.»

Claim to the president of the United States

president, government response, border situation, impacts, residents of Texas
PHOTO Getty Images – MundoNOW Archive

«His inaction has led to catastrophic consequences,» Abbott accused Biden in the document penned in November 2022.

«Under his leadership, the United States has experienced the highest volume of illegal immigration in our country’s history,» the governor stated.

Furthermore, in the letter, Abbott criticized the president, contending that his immigration policies have been unsuccessful.

He also highlighted that during a UN meeting, the border between Mexico and the USA was labeled as the deadliest crossing point in the world.

Measures for this «Immigration invasion»

border crossing, Texas law, repel migrants, arrest of criminals, UN
PHOTO Shutterstock

In the document shared on social media, he also emphasized the consequences faced by the residents of the state of Texas.

He highlighted that they are left vulnerable to the whims of human traffickers.

“Texas will intensify its efforts to repel and turn back any immigrants who attempt to enter our State at a border crossing that Congress has designated as illegal,” Abbott wrote.

«We will return those who cross illegally to the border and arrest criminals who violate Texas law,» he further added in the letter. To see the letter from the governor of Texas to Biden, click HERE.

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