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Fireball appears in the Texas sky — was it a UFO?

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  • Frightening Texas fireball in the sky.
  • Many thought it was an Unidentified Flying Object.
  • Is the end near?

Texas fireball frightens Houston residents. Was it an Unidentified Flying Object? According to ABC 13 Houston, meteorologist Kevin Roth has a more logical explanation of what exactly occurred to frighten those who happened to catch sight of the dramatic event.

“What we can officially say is that it’s a fireball, and when you see it light up like that, that’s what’s considered a fireball. It is a meteor if it never hit the ground. If it hits the ground, it is a meteorite. We don’t know if it hit the ground or not so we don’t know if it’s a meteor or meteorite. Either way, we can say it’s definitely a fireball.”

Texas fireball, meteor or UFO? What was that strange light in the sky?

texas fireball
Photo Twitter

Renowned journalist Mayra Moreno expressed her astonishment on social media after seeing a strange light in Texas sky: “Holy cow at 10:22 or so saw the most amazing shooting star or meteorite… I’m still in shock… never seen anything like it.”

Her followers immediately responded: “Yes, we saw it and it was beautiful.” To which Mayra replied: “Oh my God, I wish I had recorded it. It went by very quickly.” Other people commented: “Yes, in Katy, TX, with a shade of green, it was incredible!” “Yes, I saw it in New Braunfels.” “I saw the best ever!! In northwestern Louisiana.” (Filed as: Texas fireball causes concern and reveals that it was a UFO?)

People capture a strange light in the Texas sky

texas fireball
Photo Twitter

Journalist Mayra Moreno shared a short video on Twitter that user Armando Pena Jr. managed to record of  the strange light in Hutto, Texas, which he referred to as a «massive meteorite». Everything seems to indicate that it was a fireball.

Shortly after 10 p.m. on Sunday, July 24, the phenomenon can be seen increasing in size and then abruptly returning to its original shape and continuing on its trajectory. Internet users were simply delighted. (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE) (Filed As: Texas Fireball Causes Concern and Reveals It Was a UFO?)

You never know when something like this might happen

You never know when something like this will happen.
Photo ABC

Meteorologist Kevin Roth also said, about this strange light in Texas, that you never know when something like this might happen. Most of the time, it goes by so fast that there is not enough time to capture it on video, although some lucky ones managed to do it.

ABC 13 joked that it was a UFO but, on a more serious note, they shared the names of some Texas cities where this phenomenon was seen. It is striking that some saw different colors and while some called it a meteorite, others said that it was a fireball.  (Filed As: Texas Fireball Causes Concern and Reveals It Was a UFO?)

The fireball was the size of a small car

They describe this fireball the size of a small car
Photo Twitter

According to the Miami Herald, more than 200 people reported seeing a large, bright object flying over Texas and surrounding states to the American Meteor Society. And while some claimed it was the brightest meteor they had ever seen, others said it was the size of a small car.

Experts from the American Meteor Society, because the meteor was much brighter than expected, classified it as a fireball: “A fireball is a meteor that is larger and brighter than normal. Most meteors are the size of small pebbles. A meteorite the size of a baseball can produce a light equivalent to that of the full moon for a brief moment.”

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