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Dangerous storms forecast for the Midwest and South in the coming weeks

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Aterradores pronósticos de expertos de clima para próximas semanas en Estados Unidos
  • Dangerous storms forecast for the United States.
  • Areas in the Midwest and South are expected to be hit hardest.
  • There could be deadly tornadoes.

A seemingly unrelenting series of severe storms, likely with deadly tornadoes, is forecast to batter parts of the Midwestern and South in the United States over the next two weeks, especially Friday, forecasters said.

An unusual weather pattern has set in, unleashing the devastating tornado that last week ripped through Rolling Fork, Mississippi, and forecasters fear this Friday will be one of the worst days ever, with much more to come.

Meteorologists forecast dangerous storms in the coming weeks in the United States

Meteorologists give frightening forecasts for the coming weeks in the United States

The National Weather Service is warning a large area of ​​the country to watch for severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and damaging winds. This includes parts of Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana,, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, West Virginia, Georgia and Kansas.

Large cities in the highest danger area include Memphis, St. Louis, Des Moines and Little Rock, the National Weather Service said 16.8 million people live in the highest risk area, and more than 66 million people in general should be on alert on Friday.

Forecasts indicate that storms begin Friday and will continue for the next few weeks in the United States

Forecasts indicate that storms begin on Friday and for the next few weeks in the United States
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The storms are expected to begin Friday afternoon and continue overnight, which is particularly dangerous because people can’t see them coming and often don’t seek shelter, the Storm Prediction Center warning coordination meteorologist Matt Elliott said Wednesday.

“The storms will move very fast,” Elliott said. “So you won’t have much time to react to warnings either. So now is the time to start preparing.»

Forecasts for the following week

They give forecasts for the following week
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Another batch of severe storms, driven by a «fire hose» of unstable waves in the atmosphere that continue to flow in from the cold west and combine with moist air from the east, could hit next Tuesday and for days to come.

At least the first 10 days of April will be tough, Accuweather meteorologist Brandon Buckingham said. The weather service is already forecasting another batch of intense storms next Tuesday in the same general area as Friday with plenty of confidence, according to Elliott.

Prepare for powerful storms

Strong weather forecast for these states
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The forecast for Friday lunchtime in Storm Lake, Iowa, is around 67 degrees F, but just 140 miles  to the northwest, Brookings, South Dakota, is forecast to be barely above freezing, reports the AP.

Opposite-direction winds to the west and east of the jet stream battlefield add to the problem, forecasters said, with the United States expecting a flurry of severe weather.

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