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Mother finds human head while cleaning her son’s bedroom

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Brian Cohee murdered homeless man (Photo: Colorado District Attorney's Office)
  • The chilling case of Terri Cohee and her son Brian Cohee.
  • Macabre discovery in the bedroom.
  • The 19-year-old committed an atrocity.

Worms protruding from a plastic bag sparked curiosity and led a woman to discover the gruesome secret her 19-year-old son was hiding.

It was in a corner of the closet in his room, in the house the family shared, in Colorado.

Her son, Brian Cohee, had killed, decapitated, dismembered and mutilated the body of 69-year-old homeless man Warren Barnes.

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Terri Cohee makes macabre discovery

Terri Cohee discovers that her son Brian Cohee had a head
Photo: Colorado District Attorney’s Office

The boy was curious to know what it felt like to commit a murder, this is what the prosecutor made known in court.

From the first moment, Brian did not hide or deny his crime.

When first questioned by the Colorado Police, he responded: «Yes, I think so, a human head and hands,» he told the officers.

«That guy who disappeared. I killed him with a knife,» he said about how worried his parents were about the discovery of a human head and hands in his room.

Brian Cohee wanted to feel what murder was like

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Photo: Shutterstock

The gruesome discovery was made one afternoon in February 2021 by his mother, Terri Cohee, who carried the head to the laundry room of her home.

And with the help of her husband, she discovered what it was all about. That same day she notified the authorities through 911 and since March 1 of that same year, her son has been in prison.

The homeless man’s crime shocked the entire Grand Junction community.

Despite how horrible the murder was classified, the YouTube channel ‘Explore with Us’ decided to release a documentary.

He had his macabre plan very well thought out

Arrested, Prison, Subject, MundoNow, Podcast, Terri Cohee discovers that her son Brian Cohee had a head

The documentary “Parents Discover Teen Son’s Horrifying Secret” surpassed 10 million views in just a few hours.

And no wonder, what happened that night of February 27, 2021, terrified an entire community.

It revealed the mental imbalance of a young man, who smiled as he remembered every detail.

«There was a full moon and I thought I could see very well, why not try it?» detailed the accused in court while the entire jury was waiting for everything he would say.

He admitted what he did with a smile

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

«I was driving and I saw a shape and I said, ‘Oh, interesting.’ I felt like he was a homeless man, so I grabbed my knife, put on three layers of gloves,» he began.

He continued, «I took the knife, pulled back the tarp, and stabbed him in the neck,» Brian said coldly as everyone in the courtroom looked at the smile that was beginning to appear on his face.

The young man said that at first he panicked and questioned why he was doing it, but «I kept stabbing his neck, over and over again.»

He tried to dispose of part of the body in a Colorado river, but ended up taking parts home.

He’s behind bars

Chronicle called minor, Terri Cohee discovers that her son Brian Cohee had a head
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Despite pleading insanity, Cohee was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 2023.

This after being found guilty of first degree murder, two counts of tampering with a corpse and tampering with evidence.

«Justice prevailed as the jury returned guilty verdicts finding the defendant legally responsible for his horrendous crimes,» said Assistant District Attorney Trish Mahre.

Cohee planned the attack on a stranger for five months, choosing his victim at random.

19 years old and his life has already been ruined

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

However, he assumed that he must be a homeless man or a prostitute, because no one would miss them, but he failed.

His victim was a passionate reader of the community with links to its environment and appreciated for by neighbors.

To the point that in November 2021, a monument to Barnes was erected near Grand Junction’s main street.

The audiovisual production has aroused two mixed feelings: one of compassion towards the parents of the accused and another of forceful rejection of the disturbing behavior of Brian Cohee.

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