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Telemundo breaks its silence about Héctor Sandarti: Did they fired him?

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Did Telemundo fire Héctor Sandarti? (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Telemundo breaks its silence about host Héctor Sandarti.
  • The network announces his resignation.
  • He will not appear on the new season of LCDLF.

Was host Héctor Sandarti fired from Telemundo? The presenter and actor Héctor Sandarti will not be on the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos.

The Telemundo network broke its silence on the matter and discussed why the beloved presenter is leaving.

Upon hearing news of his departure, internet users did not hesitate to send messages complaining about the network’s decision.

So far, Sandarti has not spoken about why he’s leaving the popular reality show, although it occurred after the death of his mother.

Is host Héctor Sandarti leaving Telemundo?

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Photo: Mezcalent

The entertainment world has been shaken by the surprising news that the charismatic actor and host Héctor Sandarti will be leaving La Casa de los Famosos.

«Héctor Sandarti, one of the most charismatic and beloved personalities on Hispanic TV, will not be co-hosting the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos on Telemundo,» the network reported.

Sandarti’s unexpected departure has unleashed a wave of speculation, surprise and, above all, the indignation of his followers.

The host, who experienced one of the most difficult moments of his life when he lost his mother did not make any statements regarding the matter.

«We are very grateful»

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Photo: Mezcalent

Although the network did not give details about the reasons behind this decision, rumors and speculation immediately began swirling on social media.

«We are very grateful for his work, dedication and professionalism in the three successful seasons he led alongside Jimena Gállego,» they announced.

Fans, who had eagerly awaited his appearance on the next season of La Casa De Los Famosos, expressed their dismay and confusion on Instagram.

Héctor Sandarti is widely known and beloved in the Hispanic entertainment world, so his departure caused an uproar.

Does he have other projects in the works?

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Photo: Mezcalent

His charisma, talent and affability have made him extremely popular on Hispanic television in the United States, which is why Telemundo announced they plan to continue working with him.

«We hope to collaborate with him again in the future on other projects,» Telemundo announced in a statement quoted in People.

The news of his departure from La Casa De Los Famosos surprised many, as the show was a perfect platform for Sandarti to showcase his versatility.

It’s possible his mother’s death has something to do with his leaving. She was almost 90 years old.

«It won’t be the same without Héctor Sandarti»

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The reaction from host Héctor Sandarti’s fans was immediate. Since the news broke, social media has been filled with messages of support for the presenter.

«La Casa de los Famosos will not be the same without you.» «Go back to LCDLF, there is no one like you.» «You are the best to host La Casa De Los Famosos,» people wrote online.

Sandarti’s fans expressed their confusion and frustration that their idol won’t be appearing on the popular show.

«Without you it won’t be the same La Casa de los Famosos.» «Nacho Lozano looks very bored. You give him that spark that only you have,” some commented.

The rumors continue

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Photo: Mezcalent

So far, host Héctor Sandarti has not issued any statement about his departure from La Casa De Los Famosos or about the events that led to this decision.

His silence has left his followers even more worried and bewildered even though Telemundo expressed its feelings about Sandarti’s departure.

The lack of concrete information about what happened has allowed rumors and theories to spread on social media. To see a photo click HERE.

Some suggest that he could have had creative differences with the production, while others point to possible internal conflicts.

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