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Teacher allegedly rapes 15-year-old exchange student (PHOTOS)

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  • Allegedly a Louisiana teacher, rapes a 15-year-old student who was on an exchange
  • Police say Kimberly Wellman Rich did it in front of her husband Jeffery Paul Rich
  • Bail was set and the minor was guarded for his safety

Police claims that Kimberly Wellman Rich, a teacher from Louisiana, allegedly raped a 15-year-old student – who was on an exchange – in front of her husband Jeffery Paul Rich, according to information from various internet portals such as Daily Mail Y Meter.

The accused works for the Lafayette Parish School System, which encompasses nine separate districts that operate 16 schools from kindergarten through 12th grade.

The teacher was set a bond of

$ 72,500, while her husband, he was charged with being an accessory after the carnal act of a minor and for contributing to juvenile delinquency, for which his bail was $ 10,000.

Image taken from Twitter @ h24news_uk

After these, and after the work of their lawyers, both defendants were released, while the minor continued to be guarded for his safety.

In the lawsuit against the teacher who allegedly rapes an exchange student, a minor, it is established that both she and her husband gave her alcohol and drugs.

Since the end of January, the police received a report that Kimberly Wellman Rich allegedly had a student in her house with whom she had sex.

After this, the Police began an investigation with some witnesses and gathered enough evidence to be able to act against the couple.

With the support of the administrators of LPSS and Pan Atlantic, a company that places exchange students with families in the United States, the Police managed to get the boy out of Rich’s house.

Faced with the scandal, school system authorities published the following: «The Lafayette Parish School System is aware of allegations of inappropriate conduct by one of our employees.»

The authorities’ message when they learned that a teacher allegedly raped an exchange student spread to society.

According to the portal of The SunThey said: “Complaints of this nature will continue to be taken very seriously and will be thoroughly investigated. Alleged misconduct by an employee will never be taken lightly. »

And he concluded: “LPSS is fully cooperating with law enforcement agencies in their investigation. As it is a personal matter, no further information will be provided. »

In turn, the exchange company said: «We are aware of the allegations and have been providing information to local and regulatory authorities.»

«We have been working with the student, the student’s natural family, and all stakeholders to ensure student safety and the privacy of all stakeholders.»

And they added: «» Pan Atlantic is a mission-driven organization that has a strong commitment to ensuring the safety of all individuals who participate in these highly regulated programs. »

And they warned that: «Because we have an obligation to protect the privacy of those who participate in these programs, no further information will be provided.»

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