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Huella OVNI 20: Tayos Cave and Mayan Astronaut

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  • Summary of topics from episode 20 of La Huella OVNI.
  • Information about the fascinating Tayos Cave.
  • A Mayan astronaut.

The Tayos Cave in Ecuador holds an incredible mystery.

Have you ever heard about humanoids in underground tunnels? Explorers have claimed to have seen them there.

Notable people such as Father Crespi, a Hungarian adventurer who became Argentine named Juan Moritz, and the cave explorer Julio Goyena Aguado have explored the famous Tayos Cave.

Father Crespi found something very odd: metallic plates. And not just any plates!

Visitors of Tayos Cave

Inside of Tayos Cave

Some say these plates were a library of a secret group called the White Brotherhood. It’s believed that this library holds many secrets and world wisdom.

Can you imagine? But that’s not all, Juan Moritz took those plates. And guess who else visited that cave? Neil Armstrong, yes, the first man to walk on the moon!

It seems he was fond of mysteries and stories of extraterrestrials on our planet.

And there’s more: stories tell of magical tunnels beneath the Andes Mountain Range.

What’s in those tunnels?

Cave with prismatic crystals

These tunnels might be like portals to another world where these humanoids live, and maybe even hidden cities.

Many adventurers and scientists have searched these tunnels and have made documentaries about these legends. But in this broadcast, not only Ecuador shone, but also the Mayan culture.

«Let’s talk about Pacal, the Mayan emperor that some people call «the famous astronaut of Palenque»!

Pacal ruled as a Mayan emperor around the year 600.

The alien ship engraved in his tomb

Pyramid in Palenque

When he died, people buried him in a large pyramid and placed a gigantic stone carved with his image and other symbols on his tomb.

Some looked at this carved image and thought: «It seems like Pacal is piloting a spaceship!»

They claim to see things like fire behind him, levers in his hands, and pedals, as if he were in a spaceship.

But, hold on, most experts and scientists disagree with this idea.

Pacal in Mayan rituals


They believe the image shows Pacal in a special position related to Mayan stories and beliefs about the underworld, not spaceships.

Though it’s fun to imagine Pacal flying through space, it’s important to remember that experts believe it really portrays a scene related to Mayan stories and rituals.

Now you know more about the Mayan world and the mysteries of the Tayos Cave.

We hope you’re encouraged to share with us your questions and opinions about these and other cases!


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