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Taylor Swift lets loose while watching Super Bowl LVIII

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Taylor Swift causes Super, People, Show, MundoNow, News
Taylor Swift lets loose at the Super Bowl (PHOTO Getty Images)
  • Taylor Swift lets loose at the Super Bowl.
  • Travis Kelce had words with coach Andy Reid.
  • Reactions on social media were mixed.

Taylor Swift, the iconic singer and songwriter, became the center of attention during Super Bowl LVIII, but not because of her musical talent.

Stadium cameras captured a surprising moment when Swift was seen downing her drink in one gulp

This unleashed a wave of reactions on social media and generated a shower of memes.

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The incident, which occurred during the much anticipated gamer, did not go unnoticed by spectators who quickly began to comment on the singer’s lack of composure.

The NFL soon posted the video where Taylor Swift lets loose on its Twitter account, which sparked a series of criticisms from some users.

«My daughter was watching and now she can’t stop crying.» «Taylor was her idol,» commented one dismayed viewer. «Very bad influence,» added another.

This was the response to the singer letting loose at the Super Bowl.

Taylor Swift lets loose at the Super Bowl

Taylor, drink, Super Bowl, Memes, Singer, MundoNow
PHOTO: Screenshot X NFL

Criticism was immediate, with comments questioning whether an icon should be chugging beer and others lamenting that Swift had strayed so far from the role model image that many of her fans had of her.

«The furthest thing from an icon,» said one viewer, reflecting how disappointed some of her fans were.

However, the controversy did not stop there. During the game, a frustrated Travis Kelce, of the Kansas City Chiefs, got into an altercation with his coach Andy Reid.

Kelce was upset with Reid after a teammate fumbled inside the red zone, leading to a heated argument between the player and the coach.

Taylor Swift’s boyfriend lost his cool

Taylor Swift, singer, boyfriend, Super Bowl, MundoNow
PHOTO Getty Images

Kelce was upset about not being on the field during that specific play and lashed out at Reid, according to the AP.

This incident, although not directly related to Swift’s presence in the stadium, added more fuel to the fire of criticism about their conduct during the big game.

«We came to watch football, not Taylor Swift.» «She’s getting drunk while he attacks the coach.» «And her boyfriend has an anger problem… is everything okay at home?» some people commented.

Meanwhile, the Super Bowl continued with some exciting moments on the field, such as the spectacular play by Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Taylor Swift lets loose and steals the spotlight

Taylor Swift, Singer, Super Bowl, Game, Kansas City, MundoNow
Taylor Swift lets loose at the Super Bowl / PHOTO: Getty Images

Mahomes connected an impressive pass with Mecole Hardman, generating enormous excitement among fans, according to the AP.

However, this excitement was dampened by off-field controversy, with the media attention focused on the incidents involving Swift and Kelce.

Although the Super Bowl is known for combining sports entertainment with high-profile musical performances, some weren’t happy with how Taylor Swift let loose with her pals.

As the teams battled on the field, the public’s attention was diverted to the headlines generated by Taylor Swift’s surprising behavior. To watch Taylor Swift partying at the Super Bowl click HERE.

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