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Taylor Swift concert lights are mistaken for UFOs in Tampa Bay (VIDEO)

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  • Tampa Bay residents were terrified by strange lights in the sky.
  • Was it UFOs or just a Taylor Swift concert?
  • Some feared an alien invasion in Florida.

Residents of Tampa Bay, Florida were terrified by the appearance of strange lights in the sky last weekend. Videos of the bizarre event went viral on social media.

On TikTok group of young people shared the video of «strange» lights moving across the Tampa Bay sky. They feared they were witnessing the arrival of beings from another planet.

Strange lights in the sky over Tampa Bay

They fear the presence of lights in the sky of Tampa Bay

TikTok users were able to see the moments of panic that a group of young people experienced as they filmed the bizarre phenomenon on their cell phones.

User @yourtampabayrealtor posted a video showing the lights moving across the sky and you can hear the panic in their voices. Throughout the video you can people trying to figure out what they were seeing.

What were they seeing?

People fear the presence of 'strange' lights in the Florida sky

Throughout the video you can see the lights moving across the sky while those present expressed disbelief. The TikTok user captured the white lights coming in and out of the clouds.

“What the hell!” “I told everyone!» “No way!” “Holy crap!” are some of the screams that can be heard throughout the video. Someone can also be heard joking, “They’re coming for you, Tony.”

People react to the frightening video

Users react to the video

TikTok users didn’t miss the opportunity to comment on the post. “They are literally the lights of the stadium. I am very concerned about people’s critical thinking skills.” “It’s from the Taylor Swift concert, I literally have a video in the stadium.”

“As a Taylor Swift fan, this is extremely funny.” “It’s the lights of the Taylor Swift concert during ‘Don’t Blame Me’.”

Was Taylor Swift responsible?

Was Taylor Swift responsible?
PHOTO Instagram

As the video went viral, Swifties were quick to set the record straight about what was going on overhead.

The lights were from a Taylor Swift concert at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa on April 15. They even pointed out the specific song that featured the lights they were seeing.

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