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Texas woman sentenced to death for killing a pregnant woman to steal her unborn baby

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  • Taylor Rene Parker is sentenced to death for murdering a pregnant woman and her unborn baby.
  • Police confirm that she removed the fetus from Reagan Simmons-Hancock’s womb.
  • Parker was sentenced on Wednesday.

Taylor Rene Parker sentenced. Undoubtedly unimaginable events can happen any time. An especially disturbing case has made headlines recently. On November 9, a Texas woman has been sentenced to death for killing her pregnant friend in order to steal her unborn fetus.

The jury deliberated for less than two hours before sentencing 29-year-old Taylor Rene Parker. It was the same jury who convicted Parker of capital murder for the death of 21-year-old Reagan Simmons-Hancock and her unborn baby.

Taylor Rene Parker cut the baby out of the womb after killing her mother

Texas woman sentenced
Photo: Twitter

In a statement Reagan’s mother gave in court, she addressed Taylor Parker as an «evil piece of flesh demon». While the victim’s sister also made a statement in front of a jury and the murderer of the 21-year-old pregnant woman.

“My only biological sister. You have to understand what you took from me and my family. No more celebrating her birthday. I was barely 19 years old when I got the call that my sister was gone. She will never be my maid of honor. If I visit my sister I have to go to a cemetery and see a tombstone. I will never get a text from her or a phone call from her ever again,” Emily Simmons noted. Filed Under: Taylor Rene Parker death sentence

Reagan Simmons-Hancock’s mother’s heartbreaking statement

Texas woman sentenced
Photo: Twitter

Jessica Brooks, the young woman’s mother gave her victim impact statement: «My baby was alive still fighting for her babies when you tore her open and ripped her baby from her stomach.» The pregnant woman’s body was found on October 9, 2020 at her New Boston home and her 3-year-old daughter was at home when her mother was killed.

That same day Taylor Parker told the police that she had given birth after being stopped for speeding and driving erratically. The baby was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Investigations discovered Taylor Parker’s heinous crime. Filed Under: Taylor Rene Parker death sentence

Taylor Parker sentenced for murder of a woman and her baby

Texas woman sentenced for murder of a woman and her baby
Photo: MundoNow Archive

Prosecutor Kelley Crisp showed a photo of Reagan Simmons-Hancock lying in a pool of blood and it was confirmed that Taylor Parker crushed her skull with a hammer and stabbed her more than 100 times before cutting the baby out of her womb. Police said Parker had invented a pregnancy to keep her boyfriend.

Even on the day of the murder, Taylor called her boyfriend and told him that she was being induced to give birth. The prosecutor requested the death penalty for the terrible atrocity that she committed against the young pregnant woman and on Wednesday, November 9, the jury agreed. With information from La Opinión, Telemundo and El Diario NY. Filed Under: Taylor Rene Parker death sentence

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