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Target shoppers are unhappy with new anti-theft measures

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Target anti-theft measures upset shoppers (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Target antitheft measures are upsetting shoppers.
  • More items are being locked up.
  • It makes for a bad shopping experience.

Target shoppers are expressing their dissatisfaction with recent safety measures implemented by the retailer.

Some are describing the shopping experience as «terrible» according to The Sun.

This comes after Target has decided to lock up even more items, citing theft.

The popular chain may not have realized just how unpopular these new policies would be.

Shoppers are unhappy with new anti-theft measures at Target

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

In the midst of this criticism, New York officials weighed in.

Some describe large retailers’ decision to lock up everyday products as a “state of surrender” to criminals.

A Target customer, identified only as Chris, voiced his complaints.

«It’s a terrible experience to wait for somebody to get toothpaste out of a cage,» he told AMNY.

Some say it’s ruining their shopping experience

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Despite the complaints, some customers remain resigned to the changes, unsure of what further actions could be taken to address the problem of increasing shoplifting.

Rite Aid shopper Peggy O’Shaughnessy told the outlet that she prefers shopping at smaller, neighborhood stores where she doesn’t need to get an employee’s attention to get her items.

She doesn’t enjoy needing to ask for help to buy regular items.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams harshly criticized Target and other big retailers that have implemented similar measures.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams on crime

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According to The Sun, statistics indicate that crime was down in the Big Apple in 2023, despite complaints from these companies.

Adams described the measure as a «state of surrender» to criminals, sparking debate about the effectiveness of these security tactics.

Amid the controversy, shoppers have expressed their desire for easier access to products, questioning the need for such extreme measures.

Michael Lipertri, Chief of Crime Control Strategies at the New York Police Department, said they have had discussions with major retailers.

Have the stepped-up police measures been successful?

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In response to public concern, the police department has increased its presence in business districts and shopping centers.

They ramped this up during the Christmas season, which is when the most thefts are reported.

«We’ve asked our crimes against property teams to focus on organized retail theft,” Lipertri stated.

«We’ve had great conversations with stakeholders whether it be Rite‑Aid, CVS, Target, at the highest levels,» he said.

Target anti-theft: Will shoplifting continue to be a problem for Target?

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Despite these measures, some shoppers the police aren’t doing enough to deter shoplifting.

Target customer Chris urges police officers to take more forceful actions to stop criminals, according to The Sun.

He says he sees shoplifter every time he goes to Duane Reade, CVS, Walmart and others stores.

He said he now avoids shopping there to avoid becoming a victim of cime, according to The Sun.

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