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The tallest skyscraper in the Bajío de Guanajuato, in Mexico

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  • The Tower 40 Lumière has become the largest skyscraper in the Bajío area of ​​Mexico.
  • The tower has 107 apartments, each floor has a one bedroom, a two-bedroom, and one apartment with with more than three.
  • The tower compliant with earthquake regulations, so it is also safe in that sense.

A terrace and pool on level 4, gym and jacuzzi areas on 40, and a great view on 43. These are some of the crowning details of the Tower 40 Lumière, a new residential building located in León, Guanajuato which, at 160 meters high, has become the largest skyscraper in the Bajío area.

The Luján Arquitectos office, based in León, designed the building and it’s their first project of that magnitude. They had proposed works that were 10 and 15 floors, but when Grupo Innova informed them that they had authorized land for free height, it was determined that 40 floors was possible.

Universal designs

«We made an immersion trip to different cities, the main one was Shanghai, China, where the second tallest building in the world is,» said David Luján, head of the firm. They also visited construction exhibitions in Paris to soak up technology issues and advancements in equipment.

Upon their return, the architects made the design under the functionalist approach that characterizes the office. «Office buildings usually have a sculptural glass envelope and are very striking because they don’t have housing functions, they are usually made of glass and use air conditioning. The windows don’t open very much. On the other hand, residential ones need people to be more in contact with the outside, to open windows,” said the architect.

Residential units

The tower has 107 apartments, on each floor there is one with one bedroom, another with two, and one with more than three. «The idea of ​​doing so was to look for a mixed population within the building and for families of different backgrounds to live together.» Among the amenities, Luján highlighted the club, on the 43rd floor, which occupies the entire floor of the building. It’s ceilings are double height and it has no columns.

«It has a fantastic view of the city on three of its sides, the only thing we avoid is the west, due to the sunlight, from there you can see a dam, there is a large-scale television screen that allows residents to meet, it is proposed as a center for social coexistence,” expressed the architect.

Anti-seismic tower

“Besides, we have a pool, terrace, gym, Jacuzzi, gazebo, the roof is totally clean and decorated, there are no cables or tubes. The roof was designed as a space for social gathering and entertainment, there is a bar service, people can go up to see stars, it has tall windows around it that prevent the air from becoming annoying.”

Although the seismic coefficient in León is low, the tower was designed to comply with earthquake regulations, so it is also safe in that sense.

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