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Talina Fernández’s son claims to be very sick and asks for help

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Talina Fernández's son sick? (PHOTO: Mezcalent)
  • Talina Fernández’s son asks for help.
  • Pato Levy reveals that he is very sick.
  • He requests help from his mother’s followers.

Pato Levy is in the middle of a difficult battle to recover his health and facing economic adversity after the loss of his mother, Talina Fernández.

Patricio, known as Pato Levy, has shared details about his state of health in an exclusive interview with the program ‘Ventaneando’.

The son of television icon Talina Fernández is immersed in a complicated situation, fighting heart problems that have affected his quality of life.

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According to his own statements, after the tragic death of the communicator, Pato became unemployed, adding an additional burden to his current difficult situation.

In a sincere revelation during the interview, Coco Levy’s brother gave unexpected and very strong statements.

He explained that, after being hospitalized last week due to heart complications, he has not experienced any improvement in his health.

«The heart is failing, it is an integral thing where, when the heart fails, I have about 60 liters of water retained,» he began explaining.

Pato Levy makes heartbreaking statements

employment, interview, windowing, hospitalization,
Son of Talina Fernández PHOTO: Mezcalent

He also said: «All that water pushes all my organs and everything hurts,» said Pato, who also faces difficulty speaking.

Despite his efforts to seek help in the cardiological field, Patricio Levy has faced rejections in his search for medical attention.

«I have come five days in a row, they can’t receive me,» he commented, revealing the urgency of his situation.

Although he finally received care at another government hospital, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of seriousness in the treatment he received.

Talina Fernández’s son asks for help

 heart, difficulties, medical care, discontent,
PHOTO: Mezcalent

“They referred me to another government hospital, which I also have a card, thank God, which is the nutrition hospital, Zubirán, and the half-ass doctor said ‘are you really dying?’” he said.

“They should take things seriously,” Levy declared, pointing out the need for more committed and effective care from medical personnel.

In an emotional call for solidarity, Patricio Levy took the opportunity to ask for help through social media linked to his mother, Talina Fernández.

«Go to my mother’s channel, Talina Fernández Official on YouTube, Talina Fernández Official on Facebook, watch the videos,» he said, asking for help from the community.

Talina Fernández’s son seeks help

call for help, social networks, economic situation,
PHOTO: Mezcalent

«Ask me for videos of what interests you, because that’s what we’re living off of,» Pato Levy concluded, evidencing the difficult economic situation he faces.

The community and followers of Talina Fernández have united in the social media to express their support for Pato Levy.

By sharing messages of solidarity in this way and spreading his social media to contribute to the difficult situation you face.

Patricio Levy’s health thus becomes a topic of general interest, generating a wave of empathy and solidarity in the midst of these challenging moments.

The death of the famous Mexican journalist

messages, support, difficult situation, empathy, community,
Son of Talina Fernández PHOTO: Mezcalent

Today Talina Fernández faced a painful defeat against aggressive leukemia, a devastating form of blood cancer, the portal reported. ‘Marca’.

After spending several days in intensive care due to the severity of her condition, she finally succumbed to the disease, which took her life.

Furthermore, in recent years, her health was affected by the presence of a tumor lodged in her head, contributing to the deterioration of her physical condition.

Now, with the sad news that his son, Pato Levy, is facing a serious illness, the entire artistic world regrets the events (SEE THE VIDEO HERE).

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