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They claim that Talina Fernández sent a message from beyond

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Talina Fernández's Message, Son, Medium, MundoNow, News
Talina Fernández's Message (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Talina Fernández’s Message.
  • Her legacy reconsidered now.
  • Communication in the midst of grief.

It has been nearly six months since the beloved Talina Fernández, fondly referred to as ‘La dama del buen decir,’ passed away.

Recently, a headline-making news story involved a message that seemingly originated from beyond.

Coco Levy, the son of the iconic host, disclosed a startling revelation during an interview on ‘Venga la Alegría,’ sparking both curiosity and a range of opinions.

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Coco Levy reported that he received a message from his late mother, Talina Fernández, relayed through a medium, as noted by El Heraldo de México.

He shared this intriguing revelation at a bazaar, where Talina’s possessions were being sold to assist her brother Pato Levy, who is facing health issues and unemployment. It was in this unique setting that Coco divulged the information.

According to him, the connection with the afterlife was made when a medium communicated with Talina Fernández’s spirit, who then conveyed a comforting message.

The message, sent from beyond by the beloved host, is deeply moving.

Talina Fernández’s Message

Talina, Talina Fernández, MundoNow, actress, Mexican
Message Talina Fernández beyond PHOTO Getty Images

According to Coco Levy, his mother communicated that she is at peace, in the company of her daughter Mariana Levy and her grandparents.

While Coco acknowledged that he refrained from asking specific questions, simply hearing his mother’s words provided him with comfort amidst the grief of her passing.

Talina’s son also shared insights into his ongoing connection with her since her departure.

He disclosed that he speaks to her every night and writes messages to his mother in a notebook. Additionally, he admitted to having entertained the ‘crazy’ idea of sending her text messages on his phone.

They say the unexpected

Actress, Televisa, actress death, MundoNow, Talina
PHOTO Mezcalent

During the interview, the idea of commemorating Talina Fernández’s legacy through a bioseries or a book was discussed.

However, Coco Levy mentioned that they have not yet pursued this possibility.

The family’s primary concern at this time is centered on aiding his brother Pato Levy, who is dealing with health and employment challenges.

Coco emphasized that currently, the family is not considering such projects, as their focus is on supporting his brother’s well-being.

Tell the truth

interview, media, life, mother, legacy, MundoNow
PHOTO Mezcalent

Visibly emotional, Coco Levy discussed his plans for the coming year, revealing that he has work projects lined up that will enable him to resume his professional activities.

Despite these positive developments, he admitted that one of his greatest challenges will be learning to navigate life without the presence and guidance of his beloved mother, Talina Fernández.

Coco concluded the interview with a hopeful outlook, expressing his wish for 2024 to be a better year for his family.

He also mentioned that he has upcoming projects that will facilitate his return to the workforce, as reported by El Heraldo de México.

Coco Levy’s statement is surprising

message, mother, more, there, MundoNow
PHOTO Mezcalent

Coco Levy acknowledged that one of the most significant challenges he anticipates in the coming year is learning to live without the guidance and presence of his beloved mother, Talina Fernández.

His statements about communicating with his mother from beyond have sparked considerable attention on social media.

Responses have varied widely, from disbelief to expressions of support and shock.

Numerous users have voiced their surprise and curiosity about his experience, while others have extended their solidarity and sympathy to the Fernández-Levy family during this challenging period.

Indelible legacy on Mexican television

Talina, Fernández, Coco, Levy, MundoNow
Message Talina Fernández beyond PHOTO Mezcalent

Talina Fernández’s legacy as a prominent figure in Mexican television is indelible, deeply cherished by her audience.

Her sudden passing has left an irreplaceable void in the entertainment industry.

The disclosure of her purported communication from beyond has sparked renewed interest in her life, her enduring legacy, and her impact on those who knew and admired her.

Merely a few hours after the news broke of Talina Fernández’s emergency hospitalization, it was her son, Coco Levy, who recently confirmed her passing.

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