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Tacos de Guisado: An exquisite way to use leftovers

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  • Let’s talk about Tacos de Guisado.
  • An exquisite way to use leftovers.
  • They have something that distinguishes them from all other tacos.

EXTREMELY DELICIOUS! Let’s talk about Tacos de Guisado, that exquisite way of using leftovers to make a scrumptious dish. We tell you why they are different from everything else and why it will be your favorite recipe from now on.

There must be at least 10 types of famous tacos and perhaps dozens of not so well-known tacos: Tacos al Pastor, Tacos de Cochinita, Tacos de Barbecue, meat tacos fish tacos and there, in the middle of all that deliciousness, are the Tacos de Guisado. But there is something that distinguishes them from everything else.

Tacos de Guisado: An excellent way to use leftovers

Stew Tacos: Exquisite way to recycle in your kitchen
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Tacos de Guisado, as well as the rest of the list, are based on a corn tortilla and are also stuffed. In this case, it’s the fillings that make them special and they HAVE EVERYTHING: Picadillo-type stew, chorizo ​​​​with potatoes , chicken with mole, beans, rice, sauces and more.

That is the magic of stew tacos. They are nothing more than a homemade flavor bomb. You will agree that many times we prepare beans for the family and there may be a little left over. We also prepare some tasty stews, but don’t use everything. And so the refrigerator is filled with leftovers. That is why stew tacos are a succulent way to save, recycle and eat deliciously, mixing it all up for glory.

What do I need for my Tacos de Guisado?

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These are the basic ingredients of Tacos de Guisado: Corn tortillas, rice which will serve as a base, refried beans and the variety of stews available, which could include pork rinds in green sauce, chicken with mole, rajas with cream or potatoes with chorizo.

A good homemade sauce and some finely chopped onion or coriander are the ideal complement. And, of course, do not forget the lemon twist to bring out the flavors. And now that you have it all, because many of these ingredients are probably already in your refrigerator. I’ll tell you how to serve and enjoy your stew tacos.

How to serve Tacos de Guisado?

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Although it is true that some restaurants and street vendors serve the Tacos de Guisado already assembled, when we are at home with family and friends they are usually served buffet style. This means that you will need some dishes to place the fillings on the counter and thus let everyone serve themselves as they please.

A good stew taco will depend on the seasoning in each house, of the beans and stew that was left over there from previous days. Combining everything and crowning it masterfully is the key to success.

Use your leftovers

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Now, the advice (somewhat obvious) is to stop getting upset when, for example, you have a little chicken with mole left over. On the contrary, now make chicken with mole so that there are leftovers on purpose! And at the end of the week you will have lunch solved with some delicious stew tacos.

Cooking with leftovers does not have to be bland or boring, it just requires creativity and if there is something that Mexican food has, it is definitely its powerful and ingenious mix of Latin flavors. So without further ado, enjoy! With information from Reforma.

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