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Florida mom accused of using her daughter to steal a Nintendo

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Using Daughters to Steal Nintendo. Volusia, theft, security cameras, investigation,- Volusia, robo, cámaras de seguridad, investigación, nintendo, MundoNOW
Photo: Shutterstock / Volusia County Jail Records / Suzette Camacho Using Daughters to Steal Nintendo
  • Suzette Camacho is accused of using her daughter to steal a Nintendo.
  • She was arrested in Florida.
  • Camacho is being held without bail.

After distracting a salesperson, a Florida mother reportedly prompted her daughter to walk out of a video game store with a Nintendo Switch console they had been looking at.

The woman and her two daughters, both under 16, entered a GameStop store in Volusia County, Florida.

They pretended to be interested in purchasing something and asked the salesperson to show them merchandise from a display case.

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Suzette Camacho distracted the salesperson

Using Daughters to Steal Nintendo, woman, Florida, Nintendo Switch, GameStop, Suzette Camacho
Photo: Volusia County Jail Records / Suzette Camacho

Camacho allegedly showed interest in the Nintendo Switch.

Consequently, the employee went to the back of the store to retrieve the box for the console.

Meanwhile, one of the children left the store with the Nintendo console in her hand.

Unaware of the security cameras, one of the kids walked out of the store with the gaming console and was followed by her mother and sister.

They left the store with the console

nintendo, console, theft, crime, MundoNOW
PHOTO Shutterstock

When the employee returned with the Nintendo box, he realized he had been robbed by a woman and two girls.

The suspect’s identity was not immediately known, but Volusia police took over the investigation.

After reviewing security footage, they identified the adult as Suzette Camacho, 45.

According to the arrest warrant, police records indicated she lived in Deltona.

She was arrested on Mother’s Day

police, patrol, agents, MundoNOW, arrests
PHOTO: Shutterstock

On Sunday, May 12, police arrested Camacho at her home.

The court records show that Camacho faces charges of grand theft and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Hours later, she made her first appearance before a judge.

There, it was revealed that Camacho was already on probation, having been arrested in January on a drug charge.

What charges is Suzette Camacho facing?

crime, police, Hispanic, Wisconsin, Suzette Camacho
PHOTO: Shutterstock

She was also charged with allegedly committing a third-degree felony with a weapon.

Given her criminal record, the judge in charge of her case denied her bail.

Furthermore, she was ordered to be held in Volusia County Jail until her next hearing.

The police report does not detail what happened to the children who accompanied Camacho into the store and who took custody of them in their mother’s absence.

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