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Suspect in Monterey Park mass shooting killed himself at the scene

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Sospechoso Monterey Park suicida
  • Suspect in Monterey Park shooting fatally shot himself at the scene.
  • He killed 10 people in a California nightclub.
  • The shooter was identified as 72-year-old Huu Can Tran.

Saturday night turned into a horrible tragedy for California residents, when a gunman shot up a nightclub as Chinese New Year was being celebrated. Ten people were killed in the shooting at the Monterey Park dance hall.

On Sunday, after investigating, the authorities identified the shooter and found him in a van. However, the suspect, knowing that the police were approaching, decided to end his life and shot himself to death.

Monterey Park shooting suspect kills himself

Monterey Park shooting suspect commits suicide

Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna said Sunday that the man killed himself when police officers approached the van he used to flee the scene of a second attempted shooting. Luna identified the suspect as Huu Can Tran, 72, according to the The Associated Press.

Huu Can Tran, a 72-year-old Asian man, was found dead in a white pickup truck from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna. He added that there are no other suspects on the run after the Monterey Park shooting.

Monterey Park shooter killed 10 people

Monterey Park Suicide Suspect: Killed 10 in Shootout

The shooter, identified as Tran sparked a massive manhunt after he opened fire on a crowd gathered at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio on Saturday night around 10 p.m. A large Chinese population had gathered there to celebrate the Lunar New Year, according to The Sun.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna identified the suspect as 72-year-old Huu Can Tran and said the motive for the attack, which injured 10 more, is still unclear. Ten people died and another 10 people who were injured were reported to be in various conditions, from critical to stable. Filed Under: Monterey Park Suspect suicide

What was the motive for the shooting?

What were the causes of the shooting?

Sheriff Luna told the media that seven of the wounded remained in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. In turn, Congresswoman Judy Chu said that they still don’t know why the man started the shooting.

“I still have questions in my mind, which is: What was the motive for this shooter? Did he have a mental illness? Was he a domestic violence abuser? How did he get these weapons and was it through legal means or not?» she told the media Filed Under: Monterey Park Suspect suicide

“You are no longer in danger”

“Feel safe”

The authorities found Can Tran’s truck in Torrance, California, another community that is home to many Asian-Americans. Tran was inside but when he realized police were approaching, he shot himself inside the van.

“The community was in fear thinking that they should not go to any events because there was an active shooter,” Chu said. She added that she now wants residents to feel safe. “You are no longer in danger,” she told residents during a news conference Sunday night. Filed Under: Monterey Park Suspect suicide

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