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Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a love letter to fans

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Super Mario Bros, Wonder, video game, Nintendo
Super Mario Bros Wonder (Photo: Nintendo)
  • Super Mario Bros.Wonder was released on October 20.
  • The fun of playing in 2D returns..
  • Completing it takes 18 to 22 hours.

With Super Mario Bros. Wonder, time flies by — it’s so fun that you don’t realize it.

At Nintendo they know what they are doing, and bringing back the most iconic plumber in the world of video games has been a success.

Nintendo has reinvented itself with this video game that brings many surprises.

The wait of more than 10 years for a new 2D Mario game has been worth it.

The Wonder Flower changes the rules of the game

Nintendo, Wonder Flower, Colors, Happy
Photo: Nintendo

We start the game in the Flower Kingdom, where everything is harmony and happiness.

Until, as usual, Bowser arrives to wreak havoc.

The evil turtle uses the powers of the Wonder Flower to take over the kingdom.

That’s exactly when our adventure begins.

The madness and creativity are unimaginable

hippos, jump, purple, games, entertainment
Photo: Nintendo

One of the things that we liked the most in Super Mario Wonder were those moments where we took the Wonder Flower.

After doing that, the real show begins in Super Mario Wonder.

From hippos that float, to herds that break the finish flag.

The colors vibrate and the beat of the music increases, with the aim of finding a hidden item.

Super Mario Bros Wonder and the new power-ups

Elephant, Goompa, Fountain, Water, Coins
Photo: Nintendo

Everyone was amazed to see Mario turned into an Elephant.

But that has not been the only addition in Super Mario Wonder.

We have the ability to shoot bubbles that enclose enemies and serve as a platform.

And we have another power-up that allows us to hide on surfaces to avoid enemies.

Super Mario Bros Wonder looks spectacular

2D, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Switch, Super Mario Wonder
Photo: Nintendo

The new graphics section of Super Mario Wonder gets a splendid facelift.

Also the artistic concept of the game is very eye-catching.

We’ll have talking flowers, sleeping Goombas, and everything is perfectly detailed.

In addition, we have controls that take advantage of the functions of the Nintendo Switch.

The game is influenced by Super Mario Maker

Wonder, fun, family, gaming, gamer
Photo: Nintendo

Yes, we have not been the only ones to notice it.

If you’ve played the community created levels, you’ll know what we mean.

You will see certain sections in the game that are similar to the possibilities Super Mario Maker offered with its levels.

This has fascinated us, assuming that it has been one of the best games of this year.

Is it worth it?

Super Mario Wonder, Video game, games, nintendo, launch
Photo: Nintendo

Super Mario Wonder is an essential if you have a Nintendo Switch.

You can play Super Mario Wonder with up to four players, so fun is guaranteed.

This incredible game is suitable for all audiences and you will enjoy it from beginning to end.

For only $59.99 you can get it in its physical or digital version.

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