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4 Successful Hispanic Companies in the U.S.

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Hispanic companies succeeding in the US, Gloria Estefan, Emilio Estefan, spouses / empresas hispanas triunfando EEUU, Gloria Estefan, Emilo Estefan, esposos, MundoNOW
4 Successful Hispanic Companies in the U.S. / PHOTO: Mezcalent
  • Successful Hispanic Companies in the US
  • Sofía Vergara, Present in Entertainment and Business
  • MasTec: Engineering and Construction

On this occasion, in the context of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we present four Hispanic companies that have succeeded in the United States.

From September 15th to October 15th, we recognize the contributions and influence of Hispanics in the history, culture, and achievements of this country.

It’s worth noting that since 1989, every President of the United States has issued a Presidential Proclamation to commemorate this celebration.

Among these companies are those founded by the couple Gloria and Emilio Estefan and the Colombian actress Sofía Vergara.

Paradise in Florida

Vero Beach, Florida, United States, owners, MundoNOW
Hispanic companies succeeding in the U.S. / PHOTO: Mezcalent

First, although they are primarily associated with the world of music, it’s essential to mention that the couple formed by Gloria and Emilio Estefan are successful entrepreneurs.

The spouses own the Vero Beach hotel complex, located in the state of Florida, in the United States.

In 2014, it was announced that they had plans to build an urban center with a daring pyramid design.

This place would include a hotel, a restaurant, shops, and offices, in addition to other amenities. In 2015, the couple received an honor from President Barack Obama.

Sofía Vergara’s Multiservice Company

Successful Hispanic companies in the US, Sofía Vergara, LWE, Latin World Entertainment, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

Next, among the Hispanic companies that have succeeded in the U.S., we find Latin World Entertainment (LWE).

In fact, the actress Sofía Vergara, who has had a successful career in the U.S. entertainment industry, heads this company.

Alongside the former music promoter Luis Balaguer, Vergara founded this company after noticing a lack of Hispanic representation in the entertainment industry.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that the Barranquilla, Colombia native also formed Raze, a digital media company focused on the Latino community.

The Success of MasTec

Jorge Mas, MasTec, engineering, Florida, MundoNOW
Hispanic companies succeeding in the U.S. / PHOTO: Shutterstock

Next, we present MasTec, an engineering and infrastructure construction company based in Miami, Florida.

This company was founded by Jorge Mas, considered one of the most prominent Cuban-American entrepreneurs.

Regarding MasTec, it offers engineering, construction, installation, maintenance, and infrastructure energy update services.

Moreover, it has over 17,000 employees and several subsidiaries throughout the country. Jorge Mas is the managing owner of the Inter Miami MLS team.

The Importance of Telecommunications

Hispanic companies succeeding in the US, Brighstar Corp, telecommunications, services, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

The fourth Hispanic company succeeding in the United States is Brightstar Corp, founded by the Bolivian Mauricio Claure.

This company specializes in distributing mobile technology and offers supply chain solutions, device protection, and insurance.

It’s worth noting that Brightstar acquires mobile devices in bulk from manufacturers to distribute them worldwide.

Its headquarters are located in Miami, Florida, and it operates in various Latin American countries, including Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia.

Another Success Story

Clearlake Capital Group LP, José E. Feliciano, Puerto Rico, Santa Mónica, MundoNOW
Successful Hispanic companies in the US / PHOTO: Shutterstock

One more successful Hispanic company before concluding. We’re talking about Clearlake Capital Group LP, headquartered in Santa Monica, California, in the United States.

According to CNN news, this company is known for acquiring software, industrial companies, and consumer products.

In 2022, the company was part of an investor consortium called BlueCo, which purchased the Chelsea football team in England.

Recently, in June 2023, it ranked 14th in the PEI 300 of Private Equity International, listing the world’s largest private equity firms.

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