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Sueño millonario: Antonio Franco

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Antonio Franco, Material, Chispas, MundoNow, Podcast
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  • Sueño millonario shares the story of Antonio Franco.
  • He crossed the border when he was in his teens.
  • He had trouble with the law and with another person, but he decides to face his problems.

There are thousands of people who try to cross the border in different ways to reach the neighboring country in search of something different.

Some stay on the way or are deported, but the reality is that they risk everything when they make the decision to try this.

The reasons why a person tries this differ, but the most common is for better financial opportunities for the family.

That was one of the reasons why Antonio Franco made the decision that many do to risk their lives to cross the border, and here is a bit of his experience with this issue.

Antonio Franco

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Antonio Franco’s story begins when he was fourteen years old and decides to go to the United States in search of better opportunities for growth.

When he arrives, nobody wants to give him a job. This is because of his young age and the risks involved in hiring a minor for any job.

However, a man notices that he is looking for employment and asks him if he wanted to earn a small income doing cleaning tasks at the place where he worked.

Without much thought, he says yes, and the job consisted of keeping the floor clean. By twist of fate, this man loses his job, but not all was lost.

First jobs

Questions, Detained, Antonio Franco, MundoNow, Podcast

When this man leaves the other business, he invites Antonio to work in a welding factory. He also doesn’t think much and says yes.

Here he learns the trade well with him and does well for a while. Over time, the man decides to retire and Antonio also resigns to try another job.

He finds one in a lamp factory, but it is interrupted due to a domestic violence lawsuit in which he pleads guilty.

By doing this, he loses practically everything, and with a laugh, he says he only kept a small backpack. Aimless, he decides it’s time to have something of his own.


Fire, Gloves, Metal, MundoNow, Podcast

This is where he takes up the welding trade he learned years ago with that man and decides to do it on his own.

Due to the quality of his work, people recommended him and asked him to do similar jobs.

When the business had reached a good maturity, he thought it was time to formalize everything, and it was his current partner who took care of that.

After doing all this paperwork, he manages to establish his company and continues to progress to this day in a better scenario. Sueño millonario says goodbye to you for now and hopes that the story of Antonio Franco has been to your liking and awaits you to know more stories like this.

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Sueño Millonario
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