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Trump defense corners Stormy Daniels by questioning why she accepted money

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Stormy Daniels' testimony continues (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Stormy Daniels’ testimony continues in the Trump trial.
  • Trump’s defense questions her.
  • What did she say?

Stormy Daniels’ testimony continued in the Trump trial last week.

On Thursday, May 9, Trump’s defense team questioned Daniels about the hush money payments that are at the center of the case.

They talked about why she took $130,000 to keep quiet about her alleged sexual relationship with Trump.

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The Trump trial continues

Trial, Statements, Actress, Trump and Stormy Daniels Defense, USA
Photo: The Associated Press

During questioning, attorney Susan Necheles directly asked the former adult film actress: «Why didn’t you do that?»

She was referring to why Daniels did not call a press conference to reveal the alleged sexual encounter with Trump in 2006.

«Because we were running out of time…. To get the story out,» Stormy Daniels responded.

According to the prosecution, Trump and his associates paid to silence these types of stories in an illegal effort to influence the results of the election.

Stormy Daniels’ testimony revealed key points

Testimony, Former President, Accusations, Judge, Verdict
Photo; The Associated Press

The former president denies having had sexual relations with Daniels, and says there were no hush money payments.

Stormy Daniels’ testimony is one of the key aspects in this case, where Trump is accused of paying to silence damaging revelations.

While the defense seeks to undermine the credibility of her testimony about the sexual encounter and the money she received for remaining silent.

On Tuesday, Stormy returned to court, avoiding eye contact with Trump when she entered and sat on the witness stand.

The accusations against Trump

stormy daniels' testimony, trump trial, hush money, defense, donald trump
Photo: The Associated Press

Daniels’ detailed account of the alleged sexual encounter is crucial for the prosecution, The Associated Press noted.

Prosecutors argue that Trump conspired to illegally influence the 2016 presidential campaign.

Stormy Daniels’ testimony is considered a key piece of the criminal case, which appears to be the only one of Trump’s cases that will be heard before the 2024 election.

The Republican’s lawyers are trying to present the actress as a liar and extortionist who seeks fame and money.

Defense strategies and political repercussions

stormy daniels' testimony, trump trial, hush money, defense, donald trump
Photo: The Associated Press

During questioning, Daniels resisted direct questions that suggested she tried to extort the former president, according to The Associated Press.

Prosecutors maintain that the actions of Trump and his associates to suppress these damaging stories constitute an illegal effort to influence the election results.

The trial continues while it is expected that Stormy Daniels’ testimony and other evidence will be decisive in the final verdict.

Both sides are bracing for a protracted legal showdown that could have significant repercussions on the country’s political and legal landscape.

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