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Storm Reid talks to MundoNow about her new movie ‘Missing’ (VIDEO)

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Storm Reid en entrevista con MundoNow habló sobre su proyecto 'Missing'
  • Storm Reid stars in the movie Missing. 
  • The actress spoke with MundoNow about her experience on the film.
  • Reid tells us what her future goals are.

Atlanta native, actress Storm Reid, spoke to MundoNow about her latest work. The 19-year-old actress stars in the movie Missing, about a teenager who uses technology to try to find her missing mother.

The young actress has stood out for her roles in films such as A Journey in Time, 12 Years a Slave, The Nun 2 and her most recent appearance in The Suicide Squad. This, in addition to her incredible appearance in the hit series Euphoria, where she plays Zendaya’s younger sister.

Storm Reid stars in Missing

Storm Reid is the protagonist of the new tape 'Missing'
PHOTO Sony Pictures

The actress, who was born in Atlanta, Georgia, plays June, a teenager who will do anything possible to find her mother. After Grace, played by Nia Long, disappears on a vacation in Colombia with her new boyfriend, June tries to find her from Los Angeles with the help of technology.

As Storm’s character does her best to find her mother thousands of miles away before it’s too late, she stumbles upon something unexpected. It turns out that, as her search advances, she discovers secrets about her mother that make her realize that she didn’t really know her.

What was it like working on the movie Missing?

The actress shared with MundoNow what it was like to work on the film
PHOTO Sony Pictures

Storm Reid shared what her experience was like working on this new film. “Once I got the technical stuff done, which was what made it challenging, I really started to have a good time,” she revealed to MundoNow, since apparently unlike her character, she was not very familiar with technology.

She also talked about preparing for the role. “Preparing for all the technical aspects was the hardest thing I had to do,” she said after explaining that even maneuvering a camera with one hand was difficult for her. “She’s just a young woman trying to discover something and I can identify with that, I’m happy to play June,” she added about her character in the film.

What has been Storm Reid’s pet project?

Strom Reid said he doesn't have any pet projects in his career, as he enjoys the moments on set.
PHOTO Sony Pictures

The 19-year-old actress already has a wide catalog of works such as 12 Years a Slave, A Journey in Time, The Nun 2, The Last of Us, The Suicide Squad and Euphoria. So we didn’t miss the opportunity to find out which was her favorite.

“I always have a good time, I just love being on set and I love being able to do what I do,” Storm Reid explained, implying that she doesn’t have any favorites at the moment. She says she enjoys every moment on the film set.

Storm Reid hopes to work with Meryl Streep

The actress has a list of personalities with whom she would like to share the screen
PHOTO Instagram

After starring in the film Missing and working with Nia Long, who she admitted to having a good time with on set after she helped her challenge herself as an actress, she revealed the list of actors with whom she would like to work in the future.

Storm Reid has shared credits with Oprah Winfrey, Idris Elba and Zendaya. However, she hopes to get to work with Meryl Streep, Angela Bassett, Denzel Washington and Viola Davis. So far she has managed to share credits with Viola Davis in The Suicide Squad, although unfortunately they don’t share any scenes.

Reid invites her fans to fight for their dreams

The 19-year-old invites her followers not to give up with the first no they get when pursuing their dreams
PHOTO Shutterstock

As a young actress who has come so far appearing in big productions alongside major actors, Reid took the time to advise her fans. “Keep going, I know it’s easier said than done, don’t take no for an answer.”

The actress added that you can always keep honing your skills and that you shouldn’t give up so easily at the first no you get. “You’re going to have more no’s than yeses, but when you have that yes, that yes is going to feel really good,” Storm Reid shared.

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