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Like teenagers? Stephanie Salas shows off her first photos with Humberto Zurita (PHOTOS)

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Humberto Zurita y Stephanie Salas
  • Stephanie Salas photos with Humberto Zurita.
  • It’s their official debut as a couple.
  • Why do some say they’re ridiculous?

The romance between Stephanie Salas and Humberto Zurita has been one of the biggest surprises in the entertainment world because Christian Bach’s widower had been linked to Kika Edgar.

A few months ago he finally confirmed his love for Sylvia Pasquel’s daughter, who, by the way, used to be very close to the late Argentinian actress.

However, after keeping the relationship a secret, Sylvia Pasquel finally let the cat out of the bag.

Stephanie Salas and Humberto Zurita had no choice but to admit they were dating. Still, they had not seen been together until this weekend when the singer and actress shared a surprising photo session.

What do people think of the Stephanie Salas photos?

Stephanie Salas empowered
Instagram: Stephanie Salas

In the photos Stephanie Salas shows her love for Humberto Zurita after being harshly criticized because she had been friends with Christian Bach.

Many people don’t believe that this is appropriate….

However, Stephanie is already over it.

Outlets like El Heraldo de Mexico, El Universal and Publimetro reported on Stephanie Salas’ love for Humberto Zurita, which was demonstrated with their recent photo session.

Stephanie Salas photos show her love for Humberto Zurita

In Love Stephanie Salas

Stephanie Salas and Humberto Zurita were photographed all in black leather, leaving everyone open-mouthed.

In the black and white photos, they are embracing and Humberto Zurita has his hand on her bum.

Stephanie Salas wore dark glasses and looked happier than ever.

Although she blocked comments on her post, some media reposted the photos on their Instagram accounts and the reactions were immediate.

Do people disapprove of their love?

Humberto Zurita in love

Tv Notas’ Instagram account reposted the images of Stephanie Salas and Humberto Zurita and people did not hold back: «I don’t like this relationship.»

«He looked better with Kika, well after his late and incomparable wife.» «Friends don’t share the same man.” “Not even close to Christian Bach.”

More people added: «They don’t add up.» «Nobody like Christian Bach!! Especially this woman.” “I don’t know, they don’t convey anything in that photo and she’s very plain.”

“How cool… nice couple.” “Well, she’s fine. He’s a widower and she’s single.” “May they be happy.” “There is no doubt that loneliness makes you choose the worst people.”

Do people approve of Stephanie Salas and Humberto Zurita’s relationship?

Humberto Zurita misses Christian Bach

The photographs of the couple were taken by Germán Nájera and Iván Flores who put all their professionalism to follow Stephanie Salas’ vision.

She showed that she is more than in love by writing on her Instagram stories: «It’s neither the most beautiful nor the most perfect, but it is ours.”

And on another image she wrote: «One word frees us from all the weight and pain of life: love.»

The actress is making it clear that she’s not going to allow anyone to get in the way of her romance with Humberto Zurita, who previously had said that he had been close to Stephanie Salas for a long time.

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