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Spring lawn care: 10 tips for a luxurious lawn

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Get a luxurious lawn this year with these spring lawn care tips! Yard and garden care is much more than a hobby, it is an activity that requires all your attention to achieve spectacular results. With time, dedication and patience, you will be able to grow a thick, luxurious lawn. Discover the best and simplest secrets!

Aerate the lawn

One of the most common beliefs about spring lawn care is that watering is the most important thing. However, this is not the case. In fact, for grass to grow healthily it needs air, either through a manual or gas air device. With this, your lawn will benefit from the air, water and nutrients that penetrate it.

Spring lawn care: Don’t cut too much

lawn mower

Another of the most deeply rooted beliefs is that it is necessary to cut the grass as short as possible and very frequently. However, experts say that the ideal is to cut only ⅓ of the blade. The type of cut will also depend on the climate. For example, if it’s colder, it is recommended to cut 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches of grass, although this length could be extended when it’s hot.

Deeply water the lawn

Watch out! Avoid watering too heavily and too often, as this could cause disproportionate growth or even keep your lawn from looking healthy and full of life. Unless it’s a day of extreme temperatures, it’s best to deep water once a week in the spring, and up to three times a week in the summer.

Remove the straw

hand in the grass

Thatch is the dry stem of certain plants, which grows between the root and the blade of grass. In small amounts, this can be healthy for grass growth, but it can make it patchy! Spring lawn care specialists say that, to achieve a luxurious lawn, it is necessary that the accumulated layers of straw must not exceed more than ¾ inch, or about 2 centimeters.

Fertilize the lawn

Fertilization is key to making your lawn look spectacular and healthy, since that’s how the roots absorb all the necessary nutrients during the different seasons of the year. Not all fertilizers are suitable for all types of grasses, and each of them must be administered in precise amounts, depending on the area and the type of grass you want to grow. In spring, fertilization should be light to moderate.

Use high quality seed


If you want the best lawn on the block, then you will have to invest in the highest quality seeds, since these have will grow faster and look better than others of the same type. This is due, in part, to the fact that ‘premium’ quality seeds absorb up to twice as much water, thus helping the growth to be denser and damage-free.

Avoid cutting new grass

Every inch of your lawn must be carefully supervised to avoid things that could keep it from growing. This means, among other things, avoiding cutting the new grass until it has reached a height of 4 cm. It is also important to regularly maintain the tools used to water and mow the lawn, as dull mowers, for example, could seriously damage the grass and prevent it from continuing to grow.

Reuse excess grass

Spring lawn care: 10 tips for a luxurious lawn

Did you know that all the grass you cut can serve to encourage the growth of your lawn? This is because all this surplus serves as compost, as long as you make sure that it is viscous. Remember that the preparation of your grass requires all your attention, especially during the hot seasons. For example, in summer, the excess grass fulfills a hydration function that helps the growth of the grass.

Spring lawn care: Control pests

Rigorous care of your lawn will help to avoid, as far as possible, pests that threaten to destroy your grass. Pest control can occur naturally or through pesticides. In order to prevent pests from spreading throughout your yard, you must keep a close eye on everything growing there.

Test the ground

Spring lawn care: 10 tips for a luxurious lawn

Soil testing is an optional strategy, but it can certainly bring excellent results, especially if you want to choose the right products for the type of grass growing in your yard. By performing this type of test, you will be able to determine if the soil you have planted on is high in nutrients or if it has deficiencies in pH levels. With this, you will also know what kind of fertilizers to use.

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