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Spring blizzard dumps snow on parts of the U.S.

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Spring blizzard hits parts of the U.S. (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Spring blizzard hits the U.S.
  • How long will the snow last?
  • The storm creates hazardous conditions.

A spring blizzard in the central plains, northern plains and Upper Midwest finally subsides.

As frigid winds calm down, residents in these regions can begin to recover from the devastating impact of the storm.

Rescue teams are working tirelessly to help those affected by heavy snowfall and dangerous conditions.

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Spring blizzard brings heavy snow to Kansas

Snowfall, cold, alert, USA, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock – MundoNOW Archive

Frigid weather across Minnesota triggered hundreds of crashes, wreaking havoc on roads and traffic safety.

A spring blizzard led to hundreds of crashes and spinouts, resulting in road damage and compromised traffic safety.

Tragically, at least two people lost their lives in weather-related crashes in Minnesota and in Kansas, a portion of Interstate 70 was also closed.

A police officer was at the scene of an accident with no injuries when a truck collided with his car. Fortunately, he was not inside the vehicle at the time.

76 straight hours of heavy snow

spring blizzard, snow, weather, forecast
PHOTO: The Associated Press- MundoNOW Archive

In northern Minnesota, more than 48 hours of continuous snowfall has been recorded, and it could extend up to 60 hours.

This persistent heavy snow has left local communities struggling with extreme weather conditions.

Residents have been challenged by snow accumulation on roads and sidewalks, making mobility and access to essential services difficult.

Authorities urge people to follow weather updates and take precautions to ensure safety during this prolonged severe weather.

Frigid temps are on the way

spring blizzard, snow, weather, forecast
PHOTO: Shutterstock – MundoNOW Archive

Following the storm’s passage, strong northerly winds are expected to blow extremely cold air from Canada into the affected region.

As a result, temperatures will plummet, reaching lows in the teens and single digits on Wednesday morning.

This sudden drop in temperatures raises additional concerns for communities already affected by recent adverse weather conditions.

Residents are urged to take additional precautions, such as dressing appropriately and avoiding prolonged exposure to the outdoors.

The storms continue

El Niño, Winter season, USA, Climate, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock – MundoNOW Archive

On March 23, the National Weather Service (NWS) issued a high-impact alert through its social media.

The agency warned residents of the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest of the imminent arrival of a winter storm of significant proportions.

The winter storm was expected to produce extensive coverage of heavy snow, blizzard conditions and high winds that will persist for the next several days.

The developing weather system will continue to strengthen, leading to heavy snowfall and gusty winds.

Thunderstorms last weekend

lightening, clouds, forecast, weather
PHOTO: Shutterstock – MundoNOW Archive

A major spring storm is wreaking havoc across different regions of the United States.

In the northern plains and Midwest, there is heavy snowfall, while on the warm side of the system, thunderstorms have developed.

Last weekend, there were several tornado and thunderstorm warnings in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama.

According to FOX Weather, it is crucial that affected communities remain alert and take appropriate precautions for the potential for extreme weather conditions.

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