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Mourning in journalism, Hispanic announcer Fred Emiro Núñez Cruz dies

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Fred Emiro Núñez dies, announcer, Hispanic, Colombia, MundoNOW, -Muere Fred Emiro Núñez, locutor, hispano, Colombia, MundoNOW
Sports announcer Fred Emiro Núñez dies (PHOTO: Shutterstock)
  • Fred Emiro Núñez Cruz Dies
  • Worked at Caracol and RCN
  • Covered Several World Cups

Colombian sports journalism is in mourning following the announcement of the death of a beloved figure.

It was reported on the morning of Saturday, June 8, 2024, that journalist Fred Emiro Núñez Cruz had passed away.

It was also revealed that the cause of his death was health complications related to underlying illnesses he had.

According to initial reports, the sports announcer had been hospitalized at the Shaio Clinic in Bogotá since June 7.

Death of Broadcaster Fred Emiro Núñez Cruz

A hug to the family of our friend and former colleague Fred Emiro Núñez Cruz, who died today in Bogotá. One of the Huilense figures in radio, who at the beginning of his career as a broadcaster went through the then popular Ondas del Orteguaza, in Florencia. The line shortens, buddy

— Jesús María Cataño E (@Chuchocatano50) June 8, 2024

Fred Emiro Núñez Cruz was a prominent figure in the world of sports journalism. His career in broadcasting and journalism was evident across various national stations.

He worked at Caracol Radio, RCN Radio, and Radio Santa Fe. According to Caracol Radio, Núñez Cruz faced kidney problems for 25 years.

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These kidney problems led to severe health complications. Due to the effects on his kidneys, he had to undergo a transplant.

Later, according to the medical report, he developed cardiac difficulties. His career as a journalist saw a significant rise in the 1990s.

It was during this time that he joined Caracol Radio. He reported on sports events from several football world cups, according to the portal Infobae.

He covered World Cups in Mexico, the United States, France, and Italy. With 47 years of experience, he established himself as a renowned journalist and commercial announcer.

He was a lover of sports, a passion that was reflected in his work. He also participated in the program Las Voces del Secuestro.

Additionally, he served as a narrator on National Geographic. The death of Fred Emiro Núñez Cruz has caused deep sorrow among his colleagues.

On social networks, many mourn his departure and recognize the legacy he left in sports journalism.

«The stellar announcer, great friend, and excellent person Fred Emiro Núñez Cruz passed away. We were colleagues at @CaracolRadio there we read together the Alerta Bogotá newscast from Radio Reloj in the 90s», wrote the comedian Don Jediondo.

«Good morning. To friends, colleagues, and the public who wish to accompany in his last abode the great Fred Emiro Nuñez Cruz. Funeral June 11 RIP friend», reads on networks.

«I just found out that this morning one of the most beautiful voices of Colombian radio, Fred Emiro Núñez Cruz, passed away, we lost a friend and a talented announcer. Peace in his grave and a hug to all his family», were some comments.


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Fred Emiro Núñez dies – PHOTO: MundoNOW

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