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Cameras capture a spider crawling Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin

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  • A spider was seen crawling on Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin at her funeral.
  • The monarch’s coffin was in Westminster Abbey.
  • After the funeral, the queen’s coffin will rest at Windsor Castle.

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral is underway at Westminster Abbey, where 2,000 mourners have gathered to bid farewell to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, according to The Associated Press.

The queen’s coffin was in the center of the abbey after being carried on Monday by pallbearers and accompanied by her son, King Charles III, and other members of the royal family. This included Prince William, his wife Kate and his two oldest children, George, 9, and Charlotte, 7; Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, also walked behind the casket.

Cameras capture a horrifying sight on Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin

queen elizabeth coffin
Photo: AP

As Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin was carried in procession through the abbey, a small spider appeared on the white card that accompanied the crown King Charles sent for the English monarch. The letter written by the new king will be buried with Queen Elizabeth. The note read “In loving and devoted memory. Charles R.,” according to The Telegraph.

«Throughout the Queen’s funeral, I keep thinking about the spider I saw in her flowers and where the hell is it now?» one netizen wrote on social media. “Has anyone just seen the spider in the queen’s coffin?” «There is a spider across the card in the queen’s coffin,» were other comments. To see the video of the spider click HERE.

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