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Spanish teenager murders his family over PlayStation

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  • Teenager murders his parents and brother.
  • He admitted doing it because of his mother’s punishment.
  • He reported his macabre crime to his aunt.

In Elche, Spain, a tragic event occurred in a community when a teenager confessed that he had murdered his family after being punished by his parents because of his poor grades. For this reason, the young man decided to take his father’s gun and commit a terrible crime.

The young man hid his family’s bodies but when he was arrested by the authorities, he decided it was time to confess his crime. Crudely and coldly, he described how the murders had occurred and reported how he ignored his brother’s pleas for mercy. The community continues to be impacted by the crime.


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A 15-year-old teenager confessed the terrible truth about what he did to his family. The young man’s statements continue to terrify the residents of the community of Elche, Spain where the incident occurred. The authorities have taken the young man to the closed regime center where he will be facing punishment for his crimes.

Spanish media recount the sordid details of what happened a couple of days ago. The teen told his neighbor about the crimes he had committed and his aunt was the one who called the police to report her nephew’s horrific acts. The authorities immediately went to the teen’s home to corroborate the facts.

Why did the parents take away his video game?

Spanish kills PlayStation family: Why not let him play?
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In the statements that were released, it was reported that the teenager was having problems with his parents due to his poor grades so they decided to take away his internet access as well as his PlayStation. In the theory of the crime presented by the national police, they said that the teen was deeply upset by these restrictions.

Local media point out that the terrifying act committed by the teenager could have begun after a terrible fight with his mother, who cut off his wi-fi access for having failed five subjects. Because of that punishment, he decided to take revenge. The boy unleashed his anger on his parents and brother using his father’s shotgun. Filed Under: Spanish Kills PlayStation Family

How did the murders happen?

Spanish kills PlayStation family: How did the murder happen?
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The teen confessed that he decided to take the shotgun that his father used to hunt and, after three days of being scolded for his poor grades and being grounded by his mother, he heartlessly decided to shoot her. He fired two shots at his mother and one of the shots hit her in the back. Later, he ‘hunted down’ his younger brother.

According to local media, the 10-year-old brother tried to flee the scene when he saw the teenager murder his mother in cold blood. The young man hunted down his little brother and promised him that he would not ‘come out alive’. The little boy ran as fast as he could but the shooter ended up hitting him right in the back, killing him. In his statement, he said: My brother tried to escape, but I went after him and I caught him. Filed Under: Spanish Kills PlayStation Family

Did he wait for his father?

Spanish kills PlayStation family: Do I wait for his father?
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The young man, still without any remorse, waited for his father to get home from work. In the meantime, decided to erase all proof of the awful murders he had committed. He cleaned the blood from every corner and hid the bodies of the mother and brother in the shed to prevent others from finding out. When his father arrived home, the teen shot him too.

“What are you doing? I’m bleeding.” The father said after the first shot. The teen stated that his father “would not shut up,” in the statements that the police released, according to the Telecinco media outlet. After murdering his father, he proceeded to do what he had done with his mother and brother. He cleaned the place, hid the body, took a bath and prepared dinner. Filed Under: Spanish Kills PlayStation Family

He spent three days with the bodies?

Three days spent with the bodies?
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The 15-year old spent three days with his parents and brother without anyone noticing. He prepared meals by himself, kept the house clean and the rest of the time, he just played with the console that had been taken away from him in the first place. In addition, he confessed that in all that time, if someone asked him about his family or his absence from school, he would say that he had contracted COVID-19.

The young man felt no remorse, not even for leaving the bodies of his family rotting in the shed behind the house. He just wanted to play and avoid other people. In his statement, he said that he was quite calm. His friends said that “nobody expected something like this from Santi,” reported Telecinco.

How was he caught?

How was it discovered?
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Santiago, as the murderer is called, was discovered by his neighbor. The woman approached the young man and asked him about the disappearance of his parents and why lately they hadn’t left the house. This time he could not lie, the teenager calmly told his neighbor that he “had murdered them,” reported El País.

The neighbor, not believing what the young man had said, quickly called his aunt and told her what the teenager had said to her. The aunt began to make calls to Santiago’s family and, receiving no answer, she decided to inform the police of what had happened. That was how they found out about the murder of the family.

Was he waiting for the authorities?

Was he waiting for the authorities?
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Upon receiving the shocking news, the authorities made a report and officers from the Local Police and the National Police of Elche were summoned, as well as a team of psychologists, reported El País.. The authorities arrived at the scene where they found the teenager quite calm and waiting to be arrested.

Authorities searched the home and found the three bodies piled in the shed. Upon seeing the scene, they called the Forensic Department and said that the young man at all times has shown “an unusual coldness, without expressing remorse” while they took his statement regarding the events.

A detailed confession?

A concise story?
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In the statement the young man gave, police were surprised to note that his account was thorough and exactly matched the scene investigators found. The young man will be tried in a closed regime center where he will spend time before being tried by the local authorities.

The community has been deeply affected by the events that occurred and announced that they still could not believe what had happened. The neighbor said that Santiago was a fairly ‘calm’ young man and that his father, Jaime, had always been very cordial. She said that they were a “very normal family” and they never thought that something like this could happen.

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