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Mitos y Leyendas: How is the Southern Cross formed?

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  • Genny de Bernardo shares with you the story of the origin of the Southern Cross.
  • This myth comes from the south of the Chaco in Argentina.
  • Now, every time you see this constellation, you will think of a certain animal.

The myth of the Southern Cross is an ancient legend of the Mocovíes, a native tribe from the south of the Chaco in Argentina.

The story revolves around Neméc, the best hunter of the tribe, known for his skill and ability in hunting.

However, as the most important festival of the tribe approached, the chief realized that the feathers adorning his body were deteriorated.

Remembering an ancient legend about a rhea named Manik, whose feathers were the most beautiful, the chief entrusted Neméc with the mission of capturing the rhea and obtaining its feathers.

Neméc in search of the rhea

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Before leaving, Neméc received advice from the tribe’s wise men about the speed and cunning of the rhea, as well as its location to the south.

Neméc embarked on a long and arduous journey through different landscapes and natural challenges. After days of searching, he finally found Manik, the rhea.

He was feeding in the rugged land. Fascinated by the majesty of the animal, Neméc observed it for a while before attempting to hunt it.

The pursuit between Neméc and Manik turned into a game of skill and endurance. For days, they headed south, with Manik fleeing and Neméc following his tracks with patience.

The Southern Cross is formed

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Although Neméc was slowly approaching, he could never throw his spear close enough to the rhea. However, one day, Neméc managed to get close enough to throw his spear, but in a surprising twist, Manik began to rise into the air and fly.

Surprised, Neméc was left with the spear in his hand as he watched the rhea disappear into the sky. As Manik vanished, four stars appeared on his head, feet, and wings, forming a cross in the firmament.

Neméc returned to the tribe without his prey, but with a new appreciation for the bravery and skill of the rhea that had become part of the firmament, marking a cross in the sky to the south.

This cross became a symbol of the story of Neméc and the rhea Manik, reminding everyone of the importance of perseverance and respect for nature.

The Southern Cross

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Here is a little more about this constellation. The Southern Cross, besides being a cultural symbol in the south, is a beacon for many sailors.

The reason for this is that the constellation, due to its nature in the sky, always indicates where the south is. This is thanks to the longer part that points in that direction.

In terms of culture, it has been captured in different national flags, logos, and other types of emblems. Without a doubt, its majestic beauty is unparalleled.

Mitos y Leyendas says goodbye for now and hopes you enjoyed this story! See you!

Mitos y Leyendas
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