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Sources say Clara Chía’s parents can’t stand Piqué

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  • Are Clara Chía and Piqué having problems?
  • They were recently caught arguing.
  • Sources say her parents can’t stand the footballer.

Rumors are constantly swirling about Piqué and Clara Chía. When it was announced that the former Barcelona player and Shakira were separating, Clara Chía was accused of being the other woman. Now it seems that karma is coming to both of them.

Well, it seems that Clara’s parents don’t like Piqué. He has done many things that rub people the wrong way — from laughing at the song where Shakira insults him to showing that he was bothered by her fame.

Piqué and Clara Chía are caught fighting!

They get caught fighting!
PHOTO: Europapress

Piqué and Clara Chía were enjoying a soccer match in what appeared to be some kind of box when they were caught arguing. It appeared as though Shakira’s ex was just pretending to watch the game.

Writing and playing with her mobile phone the whole time, Clara Chía seemed uninterested in what was happening on the pitch. What most caught our attention was that, far from being affectionate, the couple was quite distant and even seemed angry.

Clara Chía’s parents do not approve of the relationship

Parents do not approve of the relationship
PHOTO: Getty Images

Now there are new rumors about Clara Chía’s already controversial relationship with Gerard Piqué. A source is saying that young woman’s parents don’t approve of their relationship. According to the Spanish media, Clara Chía’s parents don’t want Piqué with their daughter.

It’s been reported that Clara’s parents do not like that Piqué seems like an attention seeker and they prefer to avoid scandal.

Clara Chía’s parents didn’t want Piqué at Christmas

Parents Clara Chía Piqué: They didn't want him at Christmas
PHOTO: Shutterstock

According to Debate, the former soccer player was not welcomed by Clara Chía’s parents for Christmas despite the fact that she was well received by Joan Piqué Rovira and Montserrat Bernabeu.

Clara Chía’s family is well-known in Spain and her parents stand out for being professionals. They have always stayed out of the spotlight. Clara Chía’s father is a lawyer and businessman who has an office in one of the best-known streets in Barcelona.

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