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Sophia Loren has a terrible fall and undergoes emergency surgery

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Sophia Loren has a terrible fall (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Sophia Loren has an accident.
  • The actress was rushed to the hospital.
  • She underwent emergency surgery.

Sophia Loren, the iconic 89-year-old actress, underwent emergency surgery after suffering a serious accident inside her home.

According to international media and her representative, Loren had to undergo emergency surgery.

Carlo and Edoardo Ponti, sons of the beloved actress, were at the home and were the first to assist her after the incident.

An update on the actress’s health was shared through the social media channels of her eponymous restaurant.

Sophie Loren is hospitalized after a terrible fall

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Sophia Loren, the legendary 89-year-old actress, has made headlines that shocked her millions of fans around the world.

«Today, a fall at her home in Geneva caused Mrs. Loren to suffer hip fractures,» Sophia Loren Restaurant shared on Instagram.

Andrea Giusti, Loren’s representative, confirmed to the media that the accident occurred at her home.

According to reports, the actress had to undergo emergency surgery due to injuries she sustained in the incident.

What happened?

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According to Giusti, Loren was in the bathroom when she suffered the terrible fall that resulted in hip fractures.

Infobae reported that the iconic actress’s two children were in the house when the shocking accident occured.

Carlo and Edoardo Ponti, Loren’s sons, helped the Oscar winner and she was immediately rushed to the hospital.

The unfortunate incident has left her fans deeply concerned about her health, and it has sparked a wave of supportive messages on social media.

How did Sophia Loren’s surgery go?

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In a brief statement on Instagram, her restaurant reported that the surgery was successful.

«Having undergone surgery successfully, shill will now have to observe a short period of convalescence followed by a rehabilitation process,» the restaurant stated.

The quick response of her family might have been crucial in ensuring she received prompt medical attention. They even indicated that she is «doing fine.»

«Fortunately everything went well and the Lady will be back with us very soon. The entire Sophia Loren Restaurant team takes this opportunity to wish her a speedy recovery,» concluded the post.

Fans offer their support

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Sophia Loren, known for her beauty and acting talent, has left an indelible mark on film history, a fact that is reflected in the public’s outpouring of support.

«Sending you love and good wishes for a speedy recovery, dear Sophia,» and «My best wishes for a speedy recovery,» were among the sentiments shared online.

Her followers, who have closely tracked her life and career, unleashed a wave of support and concern on social media upon hearing the news.

Throughout her life, Loren has maintained a loyal fan base and has garnered an impressive number of awards for her contributions to film.

What was Sophia Loren planning?

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Sophia Loren is not only known for her career in cinema but also for the restaurant that bears her name.

Before the fall, it was announced that the actress was about to travel to the Apulia region in Italy, where she would open a new location.

Unfortunately, she has had to cancel those plans after the fall.

«The entire Sophia Loren restaurant team takes this opportunity to wish her a speedy recovery,» the restaurant posted.

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