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Journalist dies in armed attack against police in Sonora

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FOTO: Shutterstock, Journalist Dies in Attack
  • Journalist Dies in Armed Attack.
  • Police Officer Also Killed in Attack.
  • Community Demands Justice and Security.

The journalistic community of Sonora is in shock following a tragic event in the early hours of today.

Jesús Gutiérrez Vergara, a prominent Sonoran journalist, was killed in the Aviation colony in Sonora, Mexico.

During this violent armed attack, a police officer also lost his life, and three others were injured, with two of them in serious condition.

Jesús Gutiérrez Vergara, who, in addition to his journalistic work, was a neighbor of the agents involved, became one of the fatal victims in this dramatic episode.

Murder of journalist reported

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Minutes before the attack, Gutiérrez Vergara was chatting with the police on the street, in front of his private home, as he regularly did.

The journalist was recognized for his work on the Notiface news page on Facebook and for his live broadcasts on social networks.

He often covered events in San Luis Río Colorado and was closely connected to the police source.

His active presence at the scene and his commitment to delivering information had made him a reference point for the local community.

This is how the events happened

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Journalist dies in armed attack PHOTO: Shutterstock

The tragic event occurred when the group of municipal police officers, with whom Gutiérrez Vergara was having a pleasant conversation, was ambushed by a sudden shooting.

The shots came from armed individuals, as revealed by Milenio Noticias.

The attack was launched from a recent-model black Toyota Rav4, leaving a devastating number of casualties at the scene.

In addition to the death of Jesús Gutiérrez Vergara, another brave officer was killed in the attack, and three more were injured, with two of them in critical condition.

The Prosecutor’s Office issues an official statement

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Reports also indicate that a neighbor, who was chatting with the police at the time of the attack and identified as Jesús Gutiérrez, 47 years old, was caught up in the violence.

It turns out he was also a journalist and became an unintended victim of the sudden outbreak of violence.

The Sonora Prosecutor’s Office released an official statement, through ‘X’, confirming that the officers were directly targeted.

In their statement, they verified the events and pledged a coordinated operation across the three levels of government to track down those responsible for the direct attack.

There are no arrests so far

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Thus far, authorities have not released information regarding any arrests related to this heinous crime.

The news of the attack has deeply affected both the journalistic and police communities in Sonora, prompting a swift response from local authorities.

A “code red” operation has been implemented, which involves entities from all three levels of government working together to determine the details of the incident.

It’s hoped that those responsible will be brought to justice soon, as reported by the news portal, Milenio.

Journalist dies in armed attack and demands justice

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Journalist dies in armed attack PHOTO: Shutterstock

Expressions of solidarity and condolences poured in immediately, with many journalist colleagues, friends, and family mourning the loss of Jesús Gutiérrez Vergara.

This tragic incident underscores yet again the dangers that journalists in Mexico confront and the crucial importance of ensuring their safety as they carry out their duties.

Amidst the grief and outrage, both the journalistic community and society at large demand justice for Jesús Gutiérrez Vergara.

As the investigation into the incident continues, the legacy of these journalists and the ongoing struggle for free journalism remain in the spotlight.  (TO SEE PHOTOS CLICK HERE).

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