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Maripily’s son breaks the silence after Ariadna’s accusations in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

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Maripily's son breaks the silence (Photo: Mezcalent/Telemundo)
  • Tension in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’.
  • Accusations and public confrontation.
  • Maripily’s son breaks the silence.

In a dramatic twist within the television competition ‘La Casa de los Famosos,’ tension reached high levels when Ariadna confronted Maripily.

During the stance, Ariadna ended up accusing her of meddling in personal matters involving her ‘siblings’ on the show.

Ariadna’s emotionally charged and discontented statements resonated on the set, triggering a series of events that captured the attention of both the audience and the media.

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Ariadna attacks Maripily

Maripily's son breaks the silence, Ariadna, Maripily, Joe Joe, La Casa de los Famosos
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«Say whatever you want about me because it just slides off, but when you mess with my siblings, with my fellow contestants, I won’t stand for it,» declared Ariadna during her intervention on the show.

The discussion within ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ intensified when Ariadna directly targeted Maripily, questioning the influence she had over her son.

Her words, filled with reproach, suggested that Maripily’s actions were affecting her son’s perception of her, implying that he wasn’t proud of his mother due to the situation generated in the reality show.

«This last message isn’t directed at you, but it’s for your son, Joe Joe, who I know isn’t proud of what you’ve been doing lately,» she concluded.

Maripily asks not to mention her son

Ariadna, Maripily, Joe Joe, La Casa de los Famosos, Telemundo
PHOTO: Mezcalent

In response to Ariadna’s words, Maripily didn’t stay idle and addressed the mention of her son.

«You’ve ended the hatred, the hypocrisy, the falsehood,» Maripily said. «All I say to God and to the public watching is, everything false that she’s said about me, don’t mess with my son, don’t mention him, you don’t know him.»

Faced with the forcefulness of the accusations, Maripily’s son decided to break his silence and make an appearance on the program ‘Hoy Día’ in Puerto Rico.

In this space, he expressed his stance regarding Ariadna’s statements and clarified that disputes within the program shouldn’t cross family and personal boundaries.

Maripily’s son breaks the silence

Ariadna, Maripily, Joe Joe, La Casa de los Famosos, Telemundo
PHOTO Mezcalent

Joe Joe, Maripily’s son, voiced his disagreement with the events on the reality show, expressing his opinion on the ‘Hoy Día’ program in Puerto Rico.

«It’s a game, and I have nothing to do with it. It shouldn’t delve into family or personal matters,» said Joe Joe. «That’s already a very delicate issue.»

Maripily’s son, known as Joe Joe, highlighted his mother’s strength and dedication throughout her life.

He expressed his disagreement with Ariadna’s statements and reaffirmed his unconditional support for Maripily, publicly expressing gratitude for the role she has played in his life.

Tells the truth after accusations

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PHOTO Mezcalent

In addition to expressing his support, Maripily’s son highlighted the difficult situation he has faced being separated from her during the program.

«I am extremely proud of my mom. My mom has done more than a good job with me, and I really don’t agree with what Ariadna said. It’s something very strong,» declared Joe Joe.

With his response, he reflected the support and admiration he feels towards his mother amidst the media controversy.

The issue between Ariadna and Maripily, besides sparking debate in the television realm, underscores the complexity of family relationships on television. To watch the video, click HERE.

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