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Son of Gustavo Ángel and Priscila shares video and suspicions are confirmed

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Son of Gustavo and Ángel Priscila, (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Gustavo Ángel and Priscila: 20 years together
  • His son Gustavo Ángel Camacho surprises on Instagram
  • What did the young man do that provoked all kinds of reactions?

They are considered one of the most beloved couples in the entertainment world of Mexico and the U.S.

Over 20 years ago, singers Gustavo Ángel and Priscila tied the knot. They have three children.

Recently, one of their children, Gustavo Ángel Camacho, shared a video on social media, finally confirming users’ long-held suspicions.

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What you didn’t know about ‘Tavito’

Sara, Alejandro, Gustavo Ángel Camacho, Tavito, MundoNOW
Son of Gustavo Ángel and Priscila shares video and suspicions are confirmed / PHOTO: Instagram capture

Of Gustavo Ángel and Priscila’s three ‘heirs’, their son Gustavo Ángel Camacho bears the closest physical resemblance to his famous father.

As of today, his official Instagram account boasts nearly 12 thousand followers. He has only posted 38 times.

He will turn 20 years old next August, so his celebration will surely be grand.

In this picture, he joked with his younger sister, saying that their dad’s favorite is «right up there.»

“Conquer or die”

Son Gustavo Ángel Priscila, cover, Megadeth, guitar, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram screenshot

Gustavo Ángel Camacho, son of Gustavo Ángel and Priscila, surprised everyone by posting his first reel on his Instagram account.

In this video, the young man plays the chords of the song «Conquer or Die» by the band Megadeth. Congratulations quickly poured in.

One of them came from his mom, who we remember was a leader of a music group, as well as his sister Sara Ángel.

This confirms the suspicions about ‘Tavito’: he inherited his parents’ talent. TO WATCH THE VIDEO, CLICK HERE.

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