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They criticize Francisca’s son after publishing an emotional Christmas photo

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Son of Francisca Lachapel, Host, Woman, MundoNow, News
Son of Francisca Lachapel (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • The son of Francisca Lachapel was criticized.
  • The host reveals emotional photos.
  • Does Francisca react to this?

The Dominican Republic-based host, Francisca, has recently faced a wave of criticism after sharing Christmas photos with her husband and son.

It’s noteworthy that the celebrity is joyfully expecting her second child.

While the presenter has previously stated that public opinions don’t impact her, this time the criticism is centered on the styling choices she’s made for her son.

The focus is on her son’s hair length and curls, a stylistic decision reflective of the famous presenter’s own taste.

Son of Francisca Lachapel Criticized in Christmas Pictures

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

In a celebratory post on her social media, Francisca shared nine photographs.

These images showcase the heartwarming moments she shares with her family during the Christmas season.

‘The most beautiful time of the year has arrived, and I couldn’t be more grateful for my family. I loved these photos so much that I decided to post nine,’ the host expressed.

However, public attention swiftly shifted to the appearance of her son.

They ask her to cut her son’s hair

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They criticize Francisca’s son PHOTO: Mezcalent

The criticisms were mainly directed at the young boy’s hairstyle, featuring long, curly locks. Comments such as «Why don’t they cut that kid’s hair?»

«Beautiful, but the hair is very long, though to each their own,» and «Very cute and all, but don’t try to change what has worked for years, that hair looks girlish.»

«What a statement to keep a boy’s hair long,» «they should cut his hair now,» «Now you’ve gone too far,» were among the remarks flooding social media.

It’s important to mention that Francisca has previously encountered similar criticisms regarding her son’s style choices.»

Will Francisca pay attention to the criticism?

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PHOTO Mezcalent

The host, however, has made it clear that she is unaffected by the negative comments, continuing to make decisions she deems best for her family.

The choice of styling and appearance for one’s children is a subject that often sparks debates in society. In this instance, Francisca appears resolute in not providing further explanations.

The controversy over her son’s hair underscores the relentless pressure and scrutiny public figures endure on social media.

Public reactions frequently zoom in on personal aspects, underscoring the challenges of maintaining privacy in the era of social media.

It’s not the first time this has happened

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PHOTO: Mezcalent

Ultimately, the controversy sparked by Francisca’s Christmas photos serves as a reminder of the significance of respecting personal choices.

As the host celebrates Christmas and the anticipation of her second child, the debate about her first-born’s hair remains a point of discussion.

Despite the criticism, it’s important to recognize that every family has its own set of beliefs and values regarding child-rearing.

The diversity in parenting styles is a fundamental aspect of our society.

The main message of the controversy

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They criticize Francisca’s son PHOTO: Mezcalent

In her Christmas message, the host emphasized the significance of family and expressed gratitude for the moments they share.

However, public reaction has disproportionately centered on superficial details, like the style of her son’s hair.

This incident reflects a broader tendency to focus on the negative, often diverting attention from the main message.

Consequently, this whole situation tends to eclipse the positive and meaningful messages that public figures attempt to communicate. (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PHOTOS).

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