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Sofía Vergara shares photo, and «strange» detail is discovered

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Sofia Vergara shares photo (Photo: Mezcalent)
  • Sofia Vergara shared a ‘terrifying’ photo.
  • Her followers noticed a ‘strange’ detail in the background.
  • «Is the audience AI-generated?» they pointed out

LIKE A HORROR MOVIE! Sofia Vergara caused a stir on social media after sharing an unusual photograph where not only her beauty caught attention.

This time, it stood out that behind the presenter, the audience seemed to have come out of a suspense series due to its ‘strange’ appearance.

Faced with this unusual event, the photograph went viral on social media, and netizens didn’t hesitate to express their comments.

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Foto: Instagram

As she does every week, Sofia Vergara shared her usual ‘selfie’ with her followers during the America’s Got Talent show, but this time an ‘odd’ detail caught attention.

The photos she shared show the Colombian actress in the foreground with the audience behind her during that night.

At first glance, everything looks normal, and her unique beauty captivated the audience’s attention. However, a group of followers noticed that the faces of more than one person looked ‘strange’.

The appearance of the attendees’ faces left a hint of ‘horror’ among her followers, who pointed out that they could be ‘demons’.

A supernatural event?

beauty, celebrity, Hollywood, Instagram, comments, Internet users, MundoNOW
Foto: Instagram

The image quickly went viral on social media, sparking a wave of comments and reactions from internet users.

Among the comments flooding Instagram, there was a variety of interpretations about what could be happening in the scene, including supernatural events.

«Very beautiful and all, but what’s up with those zombie people in the background?», «Why does everyone look so terrifying?» were highlighted in the comments of the controversial post.

«With those people in the background, it looks like she’s filming a scene from The Walking Dead», «What’s going on with the people behind? How terrifying!» announced Vergara’s followers.

Did Kate Middleton and her do the same?

annoyance, approval, family, project, MundoNOW
FOTO: Getty Images vía Archivo MundoNOW

Regarding the photograph in question, it seems that it will continue to be a topic of debate, and some even suspect that it was an editing error similar to the controversy surrounding the Princess of Wales, Kate.

«That’s why you shouldn’t use Remini,» «Poor people in the background, they look like monsters, ease up on the Photoshop,» «Remember that Sofia Vergara is beautiful, but she’s even more beautiful in person,» they assured.

Likewise, people didn’t hesitate to point out that the actress should be careful when blurring the background of her images to avoid such errors.

«She’s beautiful, but with that heavy filter, she’s ruined everyone in the background,» «She distorts their faces with an app to avoid legal issues,» highlighted the internet users.

What really happened?

debate, crowd, surprise, confusion, spectators, television personality, MundoNOW
FOTO: Getty Images vía Archivo MundoNOW

The theories continue to grow as the hours pass, and internet users didn’t hesitate to highlight the most outrageous ones to justify what happened with the Colombian.

But, there are always people who seek the logical side of the situation and explained what supposedly happened. TO SEE THE PHOTOS CLICK HERE.

«The faces of the audience are distorted for their privacy,» «For me, the most logical thing is to respect people’s privacy,» some fans highlighted.

This isn’t the first time that the Colombian actress has caused a sensation on social media. With an online presence spanning several platforms, including Instagram and X, Vergara continues to captivate and generate viral moments.

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