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Sofía Rivera Torres talks to MundoNOW about ‘Tu Vida es Mi Vida’

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Sofía Rivera Torres, MundoNOW, 'Tu Vida es Mi Vida'
Sofía Rivera Torres talks to MundoNOW (Photo: Telemundo)
  • Sofía Rivera talks about Tu Vida es Mi Vida.
  • She joins an all-star cast.
  • She touches on her time on La Casa de los Famosos.

MundoNOW spoke exclusively with Sofía Rivera Torres, who appears in the new telenovela Tu Vida es Mi Vida.

She broke down crucial aspects of her involvement in the series, in addition to sharing her plans beyond the small screen.

The production, headed by Angelli Nesma, promises to be an intense drama full of intrigue, betrayal and revenge.

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Starring Susana González and Valentino Lanús, the show will explore the transformative power of love.

The plot centers on Paula, played by Susana González, who faces a life-threatening illness, leading her to rethink her life.

The all-star cast includes Juan Soler, Lisardo, Elsa Ortiz and Laura Flores.

Talented actors such as Verónica Merchant, Roberto Mateos, Pedro Moreno, and of course Sofía Rivera, also appear.

How did she get along with Lisardo Guarinos?

sofía rivera, soap opera, your life is my life, the stars, valentino lanus
PHOTO: Televisa

Sofía Rivera plays Natalia, a character who promises to complicate the road to happiness for the protagonists.

The actress states: «They can’t have the path to happiness that easy, that would be boring.»

The experience of working with Lisardo Guarinos has been exceptional for Rivera, who describes him as a well-rounded actor, highlighting how easy he is to work with.

«Working with Lisardo is the best, it has been a gift, he never ceases to amaze me. This project is one where I have had the best work environment,” said Sofía.

Sofía Rivera on her clothing brand and her desire to be a mother

susana gonzalez, eduardo videgaray, pedro moreno, poncho de nigris, the house of the famous
PHOTO: Mezcalo

In addition to her acting career, Sofía Rivera is entering the world of design with her clothing brand Raissa, calling it a plan B.

The company seeks to promote Mexican artists. She also shared her desire to become a mother in the near future.

«I needed to create a platform to give visibility to all the talent that exists in Mexico.»

«It is complicated to be a mother and actress. Raissa will help me tomorrow when I can’t keep up with the television schedule,» said Sofía Rivera.

Sofía Rivera on La Casa de los Famosos

poncho and sofia rivera, vix, univision, premiere, Tu Vida es Mi Vida
PHOTO: Getty Images

Regarding her appearance on the Telemundo reality show La Casa de los Famosos, Sofia reflected on the challenges she faced.

Although she admitted it was a difficult experience, she also found it eye-opening, where authenticity stood out among the contestants.

With this revealing talk, Sofía Rivera Torres gives us a deeper insight into her role in Tu Vida es Mi Vida.

She also expressed her determination to explore new facets of her career and personal life.

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