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Hispanic soccer player Florencia Guiñazú is murdered by her partner

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Soccer player Florencia Guiñazú murdered (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Femicide in Argentina moves the soccer world.
  • Clubs mourn the tragic loss.
  • Demand for justice grows.

The Argentine soccer world is in mourning due to the tragic outcome that has saddened the sports community.

Florencia Guiñazú, a renowned football player known for her talent on the field, fell victim to a brutal femicide perpetrated by her partner in their home in Guaymallén.

Following the terrible event that shook the sports community, details of what happened to the talented footballer have been provided.

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Death of footballer confirmed

Soccer player Florencia Guiñazú murdered, feminicide, Argentina, Florencia Guiñazú, soccer player
Soccer player Florencia Guiñazú murdered PHOTO: Shutterstock

The Argentinian club from Mendoza, to which Florencia belonged, confirmed the tragic news this Sunday, April 7th, triggering a wave of grief and solidarity among her teammates, friends, and followers.

Through their social media channels, the team expressed their sorrow and extended their condolences to the family of the young athlete.

They highlighted her legacy at the club and her recent birthday, which she had celebrated just a week before her tragic death.

«We regret the passing of our player Florencia Guiñazu… We extend our condolences to her children Ambar Milo and family on behalf of the entire Atlético Argentino club,» they wrote.

They send a farewell message

‘Gimnasia y Esgrima’, another prominent sports club, joined the national mourning for the loss of the player Florencia.

«The Club Gimnasia y Esgrima deeply regrets the passing of Florencia Guiñazú, a footballer from Argentino, who was a victim of femicide in the last hours,» they wrote.

«We stand with her family and loved ones in this difficult time. May she rest in peace,» they added.

They openly denounced that her death was the result of femicide, an act of gender-based violence that has shaken the justice system of the province and the country as a whole.

Soccer player found dead

feminicide, Argentina, Florencia Guiñazú, footballer, murder
Soccer player Florencia Guiñazú murdered PHOTO Shutterstock

The context of the tragedy reveals chilling details. Florencia Guiñazú was found lifeless and with evident signs of violence in her home.

The Milenio portal reports that the lifeless body of her partner was also found at the same location, who allegedly took his own life after committing the crime.

The presence of one of their children in the house during those moments further aggravates the situation, leaving an indelible mark on the community and demanding strong responses from the authorities.

Neighbors of the building where the couple resided reported hearing unusual noises during the night.

Neighbors did not act in the face of tragedy

feminicide, Argentina, Florencia Guiñazú, footballer, murder
PHOTO Instagram Capture

Unfortunately, reports indicate that neighbors didn’t intervene until a note stuck to the window alerted them to the critical situation inside.

The warning «Call 911, the kids are alone» was the sad message that mobilized the authorities, according to the aforementioned media outlet.

They state that upon entering the premises, the authorities were met with the heart-wrenching scene of two lives cut short by violence.

The Homicide Prosecutor, Gustavo Pirrello, has initiated femicide protocols to clarify the events and seek justice in this case that has shaken Argentine society.

They say how she was murdered

murder, criminal, death, police, MundoNOW
PHOTO Shutterstock

Information from sources close to the investigation indicates that the aggressor may have used cruel methods.

They point out that the perpetrator allegedly strangled Florencia with his hands and then committed suicide using a coaxial cable inside a closet.

Pain and indignation have seized the football environment and society at large.

This tragic event once again highlights the urgent need to address and combat gender-based violence in all its forms.

They say goodbye to Florencia Guiñazú

feminicide, Argentina, Florencia Guiñazú, footballer, murder
PHOTO Instagram Capture

Florencia Guiñazú leaves behind a sporting and human legacy that transcends the football fields and will be remembered with affection and respect by those who knew her and admired her talent.

Through social media, various individuals have expressed their outrage over the murder of the football star, which is now being investigated as femicide, according to Milenio.

«Justice for Florencia, and her children,» «Sadness and condolences to her family,» «How sad, may her soul rest in peace,» they wrote.

Amidst mourning, the voices demanding justice and profound change in the social structures perpetuating macho violence rise.

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