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Soccer player Álvaro Prieto is found dead between two cars on a moving train

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Soccer player Álvaro Prieto dies, Impact, Death, Sports, Mourning
Soccer player Álvaro Prieto dies (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Soccer player Álvaro Prieto found dead.
  • His disappearance caused an uproar.
  • Friends and family mourn his tragic death.

A promising young soccer player has died, but the most shocking thing was the way his body was discovered.

The National Police of Córdoba in Spain, confirmed they found a dead body on the morning of Monday, October 16.

The body was discovered between two cars of a moving train and it turned out to be missing teen, Álvaro Prieto.

Álvaro was barely 18 years old, and was one of the Córdoba youth players.

Promising young soccer player Álvaro Prieto dies

Death, Tragedy, Loss, News, Álvaro Prieto
Photo: Shutterstock

A Spanish television reporter captured the macabre images of Prieto’s lifeless body.

You could see that he was wearing beige pants and a green shirt, the same clothing he was wearing on the day of his disappearance.

The soccer player went missing on Thursday, October 12, at the Sevilla-Santa Justa station, according to Marca.

Police began an investigation near the area where the tragedy occurred.

He disappeared from the Sevilla-Santa Justa station

Seville, Spain, Mourning, Footballer, Shock
Photo: Shutterstock

The Santa Justa train station was the last place where the Córdoba youth footballer was seen alive.

On Sunday, October 15, members of the Military Emergency Unit (UME) began an investigation.

They meticulously scoured the railway tracks near the station where Álvaro Prieto died at such a young age.

The moment he was last seen was recorded by security cameras located on Kansas City Avenue in Seville.

Álvaro Prieto was found dead between two train cars

Investigations, Authorities, Controversy, Death, Álvaro Prieto
Photo: Screenshot Facebook Córdoba CF

According to sources close to the investigation, Álvaro had gone to the train station after spending the evening at a nightclub with a friend.

He was trying to catch a train that would take him back to Córdoba, according to Marca.

However, it appeared that he had problems with his ticket, presumably related to his mobile phone dying.

Reports indicate that this led Renfe employees to deny him access to the train without a valid ticket.

The military launched an operation to locate the teen

Units, Sports, Impact, Duel, Loss
Photo: Shutterstock

Supposedly after his unsuccessful attempt to board a later train, Álvaro Prieto chose to leave the station.

However, the investigation indicates that he unsuccessfully tried to board another train without a valid ticket.

This led to a search operation focused in the area of Santa Justa in the subsequent days.

The Military Emergency Unit even participated in the search.

Mourning Álvaro Prieto’s tragic death

Announcement, Find, Police, Details, Player
Photo: Shutterstock

Now, the sad discovery of the 18-year-old soccer player’s body has changed the investigation.

Córdoba FC issued an official statement and was later joined by other teams.

Likewise, some personalities expressed their sadness over this tragic incident.

«From Córdoba CF we regret to report that our youth player Álvaro Prieto has finally been found dead,» they said.

The statement offered by Renfe

travel, steam engine, railroad, railway
Photo: Shutterstock

The train that Prieto boarded was broken down and has been out of operation since August 24.

Renfe issued a statement about the train, according to Marca.

«During this time there no movement nor had it been subjected to any review,» they noted.

«Today, that train was carrying out an internal maneuver without passengers,» they said.

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