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Former soccer player Alfredo “El Chango” Moreno dies after gallbladder surgery

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  • Legendary former Liga MX footballer has died.
  • Alfredo “El Chango” Moreno died after gallbladder surgery.
  • He played for various Mexican teams, including América and Necaxa.

The soccer world is in mourning for the loss of one of its greatest players in Mexican football. After his time in Liga MX, Alfredo “El Chango” Moreno stood out as one of the best forwards in the history of Mexico.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, December 8, the sad news about the death of former Argentine player Alfredo Moreno, better known as “El Chango” was reported. According to Infobae, the footballer came to Mexico at a very young age and became one of the most respected athletes in recent years.

Former soccer player Alfredo Moreno dies

Former footballer Alfredo Moreno dies
Photo: Twitter

The former star of the Necaxa club lost his life at the age of 41 due to cancer, which caused a tumor to form in his intestines. The Argentine underwent a gallbladder operation. The surgery was complicated, and hours later, his death was announced on social media.

A few days ago, the Aguascalientes team shared an image on Twitter, requesting help for the Argentine footballer. At that time, Alfredo Moreno needed blood and platelet donors due to his delicate health.

How did Alfredo Moreno die?

How does Alfredo Moreno die?
Photo: Twitter

Moreno’s health problems began on November 29 when the Argentine underwent emergency surgery due to an obstruction in his gallbladder. Once the obstruction was detected, he immediately underwent surgery to remove it. That was when the tumor was detected.

Moreno underwent chemotherapy. Right away, relatives and friends used social media to ask for blood and platelet donors.

“He was only 41 years old”

"I was only 41 years old"
Photo: Twitter

His former teams sent condolences to his family on social media. The Atlético de San Luis club posted messages on Twitter, remembering Alfredo’s best moments from when he played on the Potosi squad.

In memory of the Argentine striker, journalist David Faitelson shared a message on social media: “RIP Alfredo Moreno. An Argentine footballer who played in many soccer teams and was always a great professional and an excellent person. He was only 41 years old…,” he wrote.

One of the best in the league

They fire him in networks when Alfredo Moreno dies
Photo: Twitter

As a Mexican soccer player, Alfredo “El Chango” Moreno was considered one of the best in the league. He gained so much popularity that he earned the both the love and the hatred of many fans, especially when he played in the América club near the end of his career.

Many sent messages of support to Moreno’s family. One of them was commentator Zague, who posted the following on Twitter: “Deeply moved and dismayed by the news. RIP Alfredo Moreno, with whom I had the pleasure of sharing the pitch at Necaxa; prompt resignation for his loved ones, family and friends.”

“His legacy is ETERNAL»

"Today one of the greatest in our football leaves physically"
Photo: Twitter

Clubs such as Xolos, Puebla, Atlas, Veracruz, Tigres, Celaya, Necaxa, and Boca Juniors shared their condolences on their social media accounts. Moreno was one of the league’s top scorers in all of its history.

One of the farewell messages on social media: “Not just any foreigner player gets to play in a league outside his country and leave a mark. ‘El Chango’ Moreno was from that select group. Today, one of the greatest in football leaves physically, but his legacy is ETERNAL. Thank you, Alfredo Moreno!”

Necaxa on Moreno’s record

Necaxa fired him in a statement; Alfredo Moreno dies
Photo: Twitter

Alfredo Moreno was a naturalized Mexican-Argentine footballer. He played the position of forward, and his first team was Boca Juniors. He played on teams such as América, Necaxa, Xolos, and Atlético de San Luis. He died at 41,” said a netizen.

Necaxa, the team where he shone the most, recalled his record: “Alfredo Moreno scored 69 goals as a Necaxa player, 58 of them in Liga MX. In 8 of 11 tournaments he played, he was the player with the most goals at the end of the season. Atlante (8) was the team for which he scored the most times, followed by Chivas (7). Rest in peace.” Filed under: Alfredo Moreno dies

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