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Soccer games suspended after violence in the Querétaro stadium

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  • Mexican soccer matches were suspended due to violence at Querétaro stadium.
  • Fans of the Rojinegros del Atlas and Gallos Blancos face each other.
  • Dozens of people confirmed injured; two of them seriously hurt.

Due to violence on Saturday afternoon at the Corregidora Stadium in Querétaro, that evening fans on social media demanded that Sunday’s games be suspended. The managers listened to their pleas. Games that had been scheduled for March 6 were canceled, according to El Universal and El Gráfico.

In the evening, after Saturday’s games, the President of Liga BBVA MX, Mikel Arriola, announced that the Sunday matches would be suspended in solidarity with those who were injured and their families. The fighting was brutal and some people were seriously injured.


Football matches suspended violence
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With the hashtag #VerguenzaNacional, thousands of people condemned the riots among fans on social media. As of Saturday night, there was an official count of 22 injuries. Nine of those were hospitalized, according to the Protección Civil de Querétaro.

“If they don’t suspend tomorrow’s session, I propose that the fans do their part and avoid it. Tomorrow I will not watch Mexican soccer or tweet about the MX league. RT if you want to join the petition! Someone has to do something and this is where people are important,” Ramón Raya tweeted.


Queretaro Atlas
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Liga MX has decided to suspend the rest of the matches of Clausura 2022. After the brutal acts of violence that occurred on Saturday at La Corregidora stadium, they decided to suspend matches for both Liga MX, Liga MX Femenil and the Liga de Expansión MX.

During the Querétaro vs. Atlas game, the violence that began in the stands did not take long to reach the field and this initially caused the game to be suspended. What games were canceled on Sunday? Liga MX: Pumas vs. Mazatlan, Pachuca vs. Tigres and Xolos vs. San Luis. Women’s MX League: San Luis vs. Puebla, Liga de Expansión: Tlaxcala vs. Leones Negros. Filed Under: Football matches suspended violence


MX League
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The fans of both teams, who have had a fierce rivalry for a long time, began a fight in the stands that spread to the field where the Atlas defeated the Gallos Blancos (0-1). The fight among the fans left a total of 22 people injured. Nine of those were transported to the Hospital General. Two of them were seriously injured, according to the Coordinación de Protección Civil del Estado de Querétaro.

The CEPC states that so far there are no reports of any fatalities. Governor Mauricio Kuri González said that he strongly condemns the violence on Saturday at the Corregidora Stadium. He pointed out that the company that owns Gallos and institutions must answer for the incident. “I have given instructions to apply the law with all its consequences. In Querétaro there is no impunity.” Filed Under: Football matches suspended violence


Football matches suspended violence
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After the incident that took place at the Querétaro stadium, Atlas fans came together to light candles and pray for those who were injured in that city.

About 200 fans were present at the Jalisco Stadium. With an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, they prayed for their friends, family, acquaintances and fans in general who were directly or indirectly affected by the acts of violence. Similarly, they started a collection to help those who lost belongings and have not been able to return to Guadalajara. Filed Under: Football matches suspended violence


Queretaro Atlas
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The consequences for the violence at the La Corregidora stadium keep coming. Now the Querétaro Prosecutor’s Office has issued its position. The state authority reported that “it has started an investigation for the crimes of attempted murder and violence at sports events.”

This is how the Prosecutor’s Office made its position known on its twitter account. It pointing out that it will provide more details as the investigations progress. This, after the battle between fans, left a balance of 22 injured people.

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